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AGH! GOOGLE/BLOGSPOT sold my blog DOMAIN name to someone else!!! Is this FAIR???

My husband and I are absolutely STUNNED!! Our expiration date for our paid year of our blog domain name was on Dec. 20th, 2009, but we couldn't remember the exact date until after searching a few links I found out this date mysefl.

So since we couldn't recall the exact date for this year to be 'up', my husband and I have been waiting and keeping an 'eye out' in our email for some type of renewal notice or e-bill or something from them for us to pay them to continue keeping our domain name for an additonal year, but we NEVER got any notifications or ANYTHING from either Google or Blogspot!!! So on December 20th I kept going to our blogsite and email that is attached to this blog (which we used with Google/Blogspot when we first registered and paid for this domain last year Dec 2008), and still hadn't received ANYTHING! So on Dec. 21st (a mere 1 day after our expiration date; not even 12 hours later, I go (again) check our email and our blog to see if we got any notification only to discover that when trying to visit my blog our domain name takes me to a completely different SITE!! As any of you can imagine after putting a lot of time into your blog we were/are absolutely in disbelief!! My husband told me to carefully go back through all of our emails to make certain we didn't overlook anything from Google/Blogspot and so far I'm still not coming up with a THING from them to give us any option to keep our domain name and I've gone back all te way to Thanksgiving!!

So in the last few days I have been trying everything I can to find a direct contact or email for Google Apps/Blogspot about this and the only option it gives me is to add a new topic in the 'group' discussion area/forum!!! The story gets' longer but WAY to long to type.....overall, is this FAIR that Google/Blogspot did this???? Thankfully we were able to retrieve and set it back to our VERY old blospot account with .blogspot attached to it but we are still bothered that our domain name was sold out and detached from our blog without any fair warning....Again IS THIS FAIR????

So if you happen to be following our family blog from the 'Follow me group' please note that our blog URL (once, is now back to our .blospot URL (at we can figure all of this out. .


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Wow! I can't believe that this happened to you! I am not with Google, but it still makes me weary of what hosting companies are capable of doing. On another note, my website is down for a third time this month. It really makes me wonder what the heck is going on. I know my sit isn't that big that it should be crashing like this. It really is frustrating.
Thanks Blia for your feedback/input. I don't know what the heck is going on either. My Yahoo email has been acting up a lot too. I know it's not my computer/laptop because these issues are Internet related, thankfully, but I'm still going to ask my husband to 'back up' our laptop VERY soon just in case something crashes. That sucks for you Blia that your site has been down now THREE TIMES, that's aweful!!! I experienced that before too, but it was over a year ago....I hope you get it restored soon and you stop having issues like this!!! :(
All these hassles with technology. Thanks for your feedback too, and I do hope you get things sorted soon. I just contacted my hosting company, so hopefully they will get the site up and running within the next hour or so.


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