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am i horrible for leaving the father of my children?

the father of my children and i have quite a history. we started going out in in 2010 but broke up 2013 after having two kids. we did the whole custody battle deal and three years later ended back together.. we've been together almost two years and i feel like it's our last relationship all over again but worse.. i decided to break up with him and he's been giving me a whole of shit for it.. am i horrible for admitting I'm not happy with him and that I dove into the relationship too fast ? am i a bad mother for giving my kids hope for me and their dad to ever get married but taking it away? am i being selfish? cause i don't feel that way.. but he keeps saying i am and he has a way of getting into my head..

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Hi, Mary Jane,

No, you are not a horrible person, selfish or a bad mother.  It's not healthy to stay in a relationship that's toxic.  What's more if you did stay your kids would grow up to think a relationship like that is normal and would be more likely to find partners that treat them the same way.

I'm sorry you're going through a tough time.  I hope things improve for you soon.



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