It's summer and that means a lot of rollercoaster rides for kids and parents alike. 

Do you have plans to take your family to an amusement park this summer? Which one? 


A $10 e-gift card to Starbucks that you can use in store. 

Friday's winner is Deedra. Congratulations.

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We love Carowinds! Hopefully a short weekend trip to Disney World may be in the cards this summer or this fall. 

Canada's Wonderland is definitely on the to do list for this summer. I have a love/hate relationship with amusement parks...Wonderland is definitely a lot of fun and the rides are great...but the waiting in lines, the walking all day in the heat and the rip-u-off food prices ruin it for me!

I hear you about the long lines and the meal prices! I did see that our local amusement park had fast passes so you can skip a lot of the long lines, but it's an extra $40. I don't think so!

I agree with you Mary, the lines are exhausting and the food is ridiculously priced! Last time I went with my niece, I took a little cold pack in my backpack with carrots and little cut up sandwiches.  We still bought food but saved by having little snacks on hand.

We don't plan on taking the kids to the amusement park this summer because they are not really that into the rides. We do, however, plan to take the kids out to see some of the historical parts of our area. We live in an area that was part of the Civil War and we want to take the kids around and show them a part of history now that they are old enough to enjoy it. We figured that it is time now that we have noticed they have been watching a lot of the History Channel.

That sounds fun and educational. Will you visit any battlegrounds?

I'm not really sure if we will do an amusement park or not this summer.

Yes!  My kids love rides now, so we are heading to Hershey Park, PA. It's a really nice amusement park. It also has an attached water park, and zoo, so endless fun!  I can't wait!


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