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Hi, I am an Aussie Mum, blogging as an expat in Croatia.

I'd love to make some new internet connections and perhaps share each others blogs.

I am

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Hello kristal , yes filipina po Ako hehehe! Kmusta? Just visit your blog Ganda! Hope you can follow back bago lang Ako sa blogging expat mom ka rin? :)
Happy to find a fellow pinay mommy blogger here! Sure laarni, will follow your blog. I actually chexked it outyrsrerday and I am so envy that you're in france! Your posts are lovely too! No, i'm not expact unfortunately. Just moving from city to city here in the Philippines. Hehe
*checked it out yesterday I mean
Thanks kristal! Bago lang Kame dito sa France galing Singapore Kame na relocate kasi husband ko , nmmiss kna ang pinas! :) advance Merry Christmas.
Ang saya naman nyan!! Ano pala work ng husband mo? Di pala kayo uwi sa pinas for christmas? :)
Software engineer cxa , hnde Kame uuwi ng Christmas kasi nag paris trip Kame so double yun ggastusin hehe :)

Hello Chasing the Donkey Mum!

I'm sort of an expat- traveling mom. Have been in Peru for 2 years now, after having left the states over 4 years ago. You can read about us at our blog:

I look forward to connecting with you!



Oooh, I wish I had run into you this summer. We try to spend out summers in Croatia. We were there for 2.5 months this year! We live in Chicago but my husband is originally from Split, Croatia.

We'll have to check out each other's blogs and keep in touch for the next visit! Where are  you living? Well...I should probably just click on your link, ha. to go check you out.

My blog:

Instagram: fb:

Glad you posted!

xo, Henna

hello everyone i just made a facebook page for my blog , hope you can like it and ill return the favor thanks!

Hey, I checked out your blog, and it is fabulous. 

Hope you can check out mine also,

Chasing the donkey is such a nice blog!

I'm a Filipina mom, blogging as an expat in Switzerland at

Looking forward to hearing from all of you fellow expat mommy bloggers. 

Hi there,

Not sure if i'm still considered an ex-pat. I'm English and spent many years in south africa, now blogging from Rochester, NY. I write about kids design on my blog, Lex & Liv.


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