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Six Things You Need to Know Before Trying CrossFit

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A Regular Babysitter Is What Every Mom Needs

Moms need a babysitter. It's a fact that has been proven time and time again. Moms can only handle so many tasks at hand.  

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Make great photos even better with PicMonkey

Any mom bloggers interested in testing a blog feature in exchange for free promotion of your blog?

I'm a mom blogger and also co-founder of a start-up that serves mom bloggers. We are looking for women to test a few of our widget features and to provide feedback (the widgets are free and take about 2 minutes to install on a blog). They allow you to see who is visiting your site, what they are posting about on their own blogs, and allow readers to interact with each other (right now, readers of most blogs cannot connect with each other).

To participate, visit www.theblogfrog.com, install one or several of the widgets and give us feedback on what the process was like for you. Just email custserv@theblogfrog.com with your feedback, your blog URL, mention and that you saw this post on MomBloggersClub. As compensation, we will randomly pick 3 participants and we'll promote your blog in our blog network to drive traffic to your site. We currently have over 10,000 blogs in the network, which means a nice spike in traffic for your blog. We are looking for feedback quickly so the drawing will take place on midnight July 2.

Would love to get the feedback of some great mom bloggers. Thanks!

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I added the community widget to my site. It was super simple. Only complaint is the super narrow version is not as nice as narrow version. Actually its somewhat pointless since it looks nothing like the wider version.

I sent feedback to the customer service email.

Hi Linda,

Thanks so much for taking the time to install a widget and send us feedback (both here and to our support email). I truly appreciate it. We've had the super-narrow format on our radar to fix for the very reason you point out. It just doesn't look the same. We'll bump that up on the priority list. You are now entered for the blog promotion contest so good luck! p.s. I was a single parent for 10 years until very recently (from the time my son was 3 to 13) so I can totally relate to your blog.

Holly Hamann
I added the community widget to my site, but it is having problems importing my blog roll from blogger. I like the narrow version. My sidebar is only 150 px, so that fit perfectly for me.

I didn't send feedback to the customer service email, only here.

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for trying the community widget and for posting feedback here. I'd like to help with the blogroll problem - can you send me an email with your blog URL (or post here if you like, just wanted to give you another means) to holly@theblogfrog.com? I'm glad you like the narrower version - we did need a solution for those with narrower columns. Now if we can just give it some color :)

Please do email me and I'll help get your community widget up and running!

Holly at TheBlogFrog
hollyk (Twitter)
I had mine up and running, and before the deadline but the computer crashed.
I had to change it a couple of times because I didn't like it the first way I had it posted.
Hi Barbara,

Thanks for trying it out. We'll still include you since you had it up and running by the deadline. Do you have any feedback about your experience? What was it about the way it posted that you didn't like? How was the installation process? Many thanks for any feedback you would like to provide!



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