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I have a blog designer ... she did a great job, but now doesn't seem interested in helping me with the little adjustments/additions I need made to the blog. For instance, right now I'm wanting to start a "Challenge" on my blog and want a button made to promote it.

Anybody know a person (on the web) that could make me a button quickly and professionally? I'm trying to learn to do these things on my own, but in the meantime I need some help.

Your help is appreciated!

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I might be able to help you. Do you have any examples of what you want done?

For instance, I created the header on all my my websites - for example and

On Writer Mamas Club, I also created the 'Start a Group' pic.

Let me know! Good luck!

I have a Graphic & Web Design section on one of my toplists that may be a good group to look at. Not a direct referral unfortunatly, but a pretty good list! $15 seems to be the going rate for a banner/button.
I have Rae Ann from the Button Box do all of mine! Give her a shout, I'm sure she could help you out! Tell her Jamie sent ya. I will be having a Button or Header giveaway with Rae Ann on my blog for my 1 year Anniversary. Stop by next week and check it out!
Thanks to everyone... Before I rec'd. your replies, I stumbled upon a website that was able to help me out. But thank you!! ;0)
Hi Melinda,

I do blog buttons for really cheap, for about $5-$7, but I do so because I don't currently have the software for the professional and graphic quality. But if you're looking for something quick or simple than I can try to work on something for you. I've done a lot for my friends and I also do 'Prayer' buttons for free in most cases, so just let me know. Once I get my graphic software in than I'll probably start charging a bit more but not over $10. Good luck!
Hi Melinda,

I just checked out your page; the button looks really nice for your site and goes perfectly. I also love your site; it is so cute and refreshing of a topic! Love it! I'm following you now too! Blessings, Sarah

Oh, here's my blog if you want to follow as well:
Oops, I meant to write I'm subscribed to you now! :D


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