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Anyone have any recommendations on very user friendly ecommerce sites to set up a store on the web please

Does anyone have any recommendations on very user friendly ecommerce sites to set up a store on the web? I have an Ebay store which I've had for years but I'm getting nervous about having all my eggs in one basket.

There are just so many to choose from and I have no idea which one to go with. I need something easy that has the shopping cart and everything I would need. My computer knowledge is not good but I seem to be in comfort zone with my Ebay store and I'm scared to death to try anything new but I know its time I did.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)

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I like shopping at Etsy and I have a few friends who have used artfire. Hope that helps. Do you make homemade stuff? What are you selling, that would effect the type of venue you'd use.
I use zen cart for my digital scrapbooking store. I didn't install it myself, but I knew nothing about it and am able to do everything that I need to do now, including installing patches, the banners, obviously adding my products, sales, all that jazz. It's free and there tons of tutorials for it. http://www.zen-cart.com/

Here's my store if you want to see it in action - http://digiscrapping.net/shoppe
Thanks Rachel and Heather. I don't have the luxury of making anything myself to Etsy is out. I sell new clothing, shoes, accessories, household items and toys so I'm looking for something that has the store front which will allow me to add my own products and has a shopping cart. There just seem to be so many of them it gets confusing.

I'm going to call this one: http://www.ipage.com/ipage/pop-features-full.bml?sale=350#technology sometime this week to hear what they have to say. The reviews seem to be good but you just never know....

In my opinion, Shopify, Wix and 3D Cart are considered very reliable e-commerce sites that help you a lot to set an online web store. However, if you are planning to sell or deliver digital products including ebooks, downloadables or internet marketing services, then you should get the shopping cart widget of https://getdpd.com/. Yes, I am using DPD to sell my DIY videos and whiteboard animations. It is serving thousands of web stores and very secure to use. 

What type of small business are your running, Peg?  Are you going to set up a dedicated website for your business or are looking to go through a third party platform?

If you're going the dedicated website route:

Many small business owners -- including myself -- use Wordpress.  It has thousands of plugins that you can add to your site to customize it, including several for e-commerce.

I personally love Squarespace it's the platform I use for both my blog and my shop. It's easy to use and pretty straightforward. It's less than $40 a month.

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