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Amy, I love the hat! Nice one. My blog is Imagination Soup - fun and easy learning activities for kids. (I did do a giveaway once recently to see if that helped increase readership. Do I still get to play?

And, I freelance - mostly in education.

I am so glad I started this discussion. I am subscribed to all of your blogs via my google reader on gmail and I LOVE your stuff!!! So nice to connect with you!!!
Following you! Cute blog!

I'd like to join!!!

I'm at:
I'm just a writer too and I'm trying to add more followers all of the time! I appreciate the giveaways and enter many of them, but don't do any of my own.
For some reason the link to my blog didn't's
I would love to be part of this group - I don't want to buy anything, help anyone else decide what to buy, etc. I would like to read other writers work and get some feedback - my writing legs are very new and wobbly.
Absolutely! I don't do anything "interesting" on my blog- just write about me, my baby, sometimes my cat, and, if he's lucky, my hubby!!

Looking forward to reading your blogs!
Count me in! I do once in a great while a give away but I don't have the numbers that most companies want. I really just journal my green adventures and what I learn on the way.
Shades of Green
My follow section is about a third of the way down on the right!
I have followed everyone else on this post that I could find the follow button or I have the rss feed on my yahoo...
This is a great idea! Would anyone be interested in starting a separate group rather than being a sub-group of this one? I'd be happy to administrate!

-Rae Ann

Critcal Mass - Pretending to lost weight - but not my mind - while raising children
I'd love to join all of you. My blog:
began as a place to write whatever ideas came into my head -- mostly about motherhood and living gratefully . . . Then we had the amazing life changing event -- We won a house in the website giveaway! -- and my blog really took a different turn. I still write about mother hood and living gratefully, but now I throw in a little home design, Florida travel notes, and LOTS of ideas for Giving and helping others. We won something so huge, that my heart just swung in the direction of giving back, so I've sprinkled lots of ideas for family giving into the mix.

I'm way too scatterbrained to organize my own giveaway -- Amy, I too have Adult ADHD, so I try to stick to what I do well . . . write whatever moves me and hope it moves others too. If I tried to giveaway something next week, I'm afraid the winner would be waiting for it still next year.

I look forward to reading all of your blogs!! ~Leisa @ IdeaMom


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