I've been blogging for almost a year now. It was a way for me to get some creativity back after having kids, staying home. Same old same old. I started a second blog about 6 months ago as I struggled to get back into shape - it's more of a food diary but lately has added recipes and photos. I just started a 3rd blog as a recipe blog to supplement the food diary.

I'm only now considering advertising on my food blog. I don't have a huge readership on any of my blogs. Mostly friends and family - though I have made a few other blogger friends who drop in now and then.

I don't plan to monetize my main blog. Am I in the minority? Are most bloggers (here and elsewhere) in this to make money? I'll admit, that's would be a great bonus, but it's not why I started them...


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I thought about monetizing for quite awhile, but, in the end, decided that it didn't fit my personality. I enjoy writing about my life, with all of its quirks, and don't care if I make money from it. Would it be nice? Sure, I won't lie, but it isn't on my radar as far as blogging goes.
I agree with Rachel...AIthough I did start out thinking I could make money but it seems a lot harder than it looks.And now, I really don't want to clutter my blog with ads. (*I wouldn't mind reviewing products (not paid reviews) or getting sponsors though). I do enjoy writing for it and reading other blogs...I love it actually. It's my little escape! I hope it does bring me exposure though in the future when I hopefully fulfill my dream of becoming a published author.
I've had my blog for almost a year now and I have not monetized it. I started my blog while my husband was deployed as a way to pass the time and share things with others, I keep it going because I truly enjoy writing and I have fun with it. I'm not opposed to making money from a blog but its just not something I have personally thought about until just recently.
i don't plan on monetizing my blog. i personally just don't like the look... and i certainly don't like that i can't control every aspect.
I have been blogging for over two years and have not monetized it. I have mine at where advertising is not allowed, but I don't think I would even if I could. From my friends who do have advertising, they don't really make that much and I wouldn't want to have to devote the amount of time necessary to build up a client base.
I monetize my blog. There are costs associated with my blog like paying someone to make the layout or mailing giveaway prizes and I'd rather make a little than loose it. My goal is working at home and my blog will be one of the ways I do that.

I have no wish to monetize my blog, either. I do reviews here and there, but I don't look at that as income, just talking about them. I don't like ads all over my blog, it's distracting. Plus, if I start trying to make money off my blog, then it becomes a job - and I'm a SAHM, not a WAHM.
I've thought about monetizing too but I don't. My blog is a creative outlet for me and in a way, a portfolio -- if I find a paying job that way that would be cool. But as far as selling space or doing affiliate programs, I haven't done that. Good luck on your blogs!

I've considered it a number of times...but my blog is informational (on child health and safety) and I'm hesitant to go that route... not sure how it would impact how people perceive the information I'm providing...
Well I can see both sides. I've done the SAHM thing and I've done the full time working mommy with a high power job. Right now I'm doing the working part time thing & trying to find a business I can do from home thing. I like this one best given my kids ages which are 12 and 16.
Nope, I don't monetize and I don't plan to. I like to write about whatever strikes my fancy at the time--often something related to parenting my two teens! Ha, ha! Also, like Krissi, I ultimately hope to build up readership for my future novel(s). ;o)
I am not monetizing my blog. was started because I needed to record my thoughts about being a mom, exchange ideas and support with other moms with similar interests. There are too many online ads as it is. I want my blog to be a relaxing place to hang out for a few minutes--away from all the internet noise.


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