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I've been blogging for almost a year now. It was a way for me to get some creativity back after having kids, staying home. Same old same old. I started a second blog about 6 months ago as I struggled to get back into shape - it's more of a food diary but lately has added recipes and photos. I just started a 3rd blog as a recipe blog to supplement the food diary.

I'm only now considering advertising on my food blog. I don't have a huge readership on any of my blogs. Mostly friends and family - though I have made a few other blogger friends who drop in now and then.

I don't plan to monetize my main blog. Am I in the minority? Are most bloggers (here and elsewhere) in this to make money? I'll admit, that's would be a great bonus, but it's not why I started them...


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My blog is a labor of love for sure, but I did join up with AdBrite and Chitika to place ads on my blog, I chose these sites instead of Google Adsense because I approve all ads myself and I can make sure that nothing that does not fit our image and guidelines ever go up. I have not yet garnered enough traffic to earn a payout. I won't make profits, but eventually I'll make enough to even out for prizes I have to mail out!

Ascending Butterfly
Okay, I am new to blogging, BUT I don't intend for my blog to make me money. Sure, like you said, it is a great bonus. I am thinking that sometime in the future I may start doing reviews and giveaways, but that is about it. I looked in to the whole putting ads on my blog and such, but there is just so much that comes along with it. For me, taxes are a pain enough, adding one more thing that I have to get a form about and keep it here to make sure I enter the info there is not needed. I like to have my blog out there for how it can help others and give me an outlet for my life and such, not for making money. I have "Lynifer" (my at home venture) to do that. It brings in probably about the same. lol
I do not monetize my site as it's just a personal blog and my other one is my ministry. If I had something that would be appropriate for either site and make enough money to just do one or two things, I might try it.
I LOVE this question. I've been writing a personal finance blog for about a year now, and I don't monetize. A big concern of mine was not being able to control the ads. I suspect that it would end up being a lot of get-rich-quick-earn-thousands-for-doing-nothing-at-home kind of things...which are very inconsistent with the messages I send in my posts. I'm grateful that my readers take some of their time to read my blog, and I would feel bad if any of them felt like they wasted money on something advertised on my site.

~ M
I don't monetize. I've been blogging for almost a year and use Blogger. I just never got in the mode to try it, I barely even knew what it meant for the longest time! I have no issues with anyone who does use it, I'm just in it for the friendship and community, not for anything more. Not right now, anyway!
It's funny because I started out blogging what I do because I was doing it by phone or Facebook anyway - I mainly blog on my "big" blog about deals / coupons / shopping / freebies - and I found myself calling family and friends or sharing on Facebook anyway so I thought it would be better to put in all in once place at one time - PLUS Having an unexpected new addition to my family made me a little more frugal - and I discovered this whole blogging world - I started monetizing right away - just to see if anything would come of it - and since I have done give aways that cost money I thought I could at least put the money back into my blog - but in my opinion - it's not worth it (for me) - I have some ads on my page now BUT ONLY things I myself am signed up for and love or believe in... I don't want to feel like I HAVE to do it or feel guilty for living life and stepping away from the computer - so I will have some ads - but at a very small level! If I make money I do - and if I don't I don't :)
Wow. I'm surprised so many bloggers aren't planning on monetizing. I'm not at the moment, but I might. I've had some offers from advertisers but they were ads that just wouldn't appeal to my readers. I think lots of bloggers start out thinking this a good way to make money but it's not so easy.

My main blog is a humor blog and my other one is food related...

Brilliant Sulk
Brilliant Spread
It really depends on what ads/affiliate programs you accept. I won't accept things that don't fit with my theme. I talk about self sufficiency and eco-friendly living so for example a gardening ad would appeal but something like lingerie would not unless maybe it was 100% organic :)
Great question!
Blogging for me is about keeping my creativity alive & promoting artists. After family, work & home some days adding to my blog ( ) is the only "me" time I get.

Monetizing is not a priority for me. I have had 1 paid advertiser in the past & when their time ended, I kept their button up because I love their product and want to support them. I think if something similar happened again, I might take another advertiser but it is not something I pursue.
I write a memoir /journal /random thought blog and I don't monetize. I recently had a post that explained why. I have enough to keep track of. I did add two charity widgets for causes I care about but that's it.
I'm not either...I blog for fun, not to make money, and honestly, I don't want my blog cluttered with ads. I just want to enjoy blogging.
I've had my blog for almost 1 1/2 years and haven't monetized it. I didn't really think that was me at first. But now that I have almost 100 followers and 200+ hits a day, I figure I might as well. I don't plan to do anything differently, but if 200 people are reading anyway, than I might as well get a little cash for my efforts, right?


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