Many of us use ads on our blogs. While you probably will never make a million dollars, ads can help pay for a domain name.

At what point are ads not so good?

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I think ads become a problem when they become the focus of a blog instead of actual content. I personally like blogs with ads. If I enjoy reading a post I like to have the option to "leave a tip" for the author and click on an ad.
I think ads become a negative only if they distract from the content or if they diminish the blogger's credibility through inappropriateness or conflict of interest. I don't see a problem with most blog advertising.
When they clutter up everything, distract from the content, and take forever to load.
Ads are not a problem as long as they are discreet. When they are the dominant feature, detract from the appearance, or the content is focused solely on ads, they become a problem and I tend to click away from those blogs.
I don't mind a small amount of ads placed in a way that does not get in the way of the posting. What I don't like are Paid Posts ir a lot of in text ads.
If you're noticing the ads then that's good for the advertiser, but when you're noticing the ads and neglecting the content, that's not so good for the blogger.
As soon as ads become distracting, they're not good. I hate large ads, but not nearly as much as I hate animated ads. As soon as something starts blinking or moving or flashing, I'm outta there and I'm not coming back. In fact, I limit my time here because of the ads, sadly.
I have ads on my blog so obviously I think they are ok. Types of advertising that aren't good for a blog:

*Paid posts
*Sneaky pop up, mouse over animated, get lost forever type rabbit hole links.
*Google adsense - they are just clutter unless you have a very targeted site and large amounts of traffic
* even nice ads are bad for a blog when there are just too darn many of them.

I like to think I maintain a good balance of ads vs content and if anyone catches me NOT having a good balance - call me on it, please.
Good question! I have tried running some ads on my blog, but without any success. I have tried to keep them discreet, which probably leads to my lack of clicks. Maybe too many bloggers have ads now, and they're too often the same ads that we see over and over. On the other hand, I have found some very helpful links from other people's ads. Like most others, I like them as long as the site doesn't become too busy and cluttered with ads.
When a blog has too many ads and it feels like they are blogging for money rather than to share good content. Especially if it has ads and no real content.
I don't mind ads as long as the whole blog isn't an ad. My blog only advertises my own business and then I have the google thing but it's all in the side lines and never distracts from the blog posts.
Thanks for the input!


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