I am interested to find out how many moms are blogging as a Hobby or to meet other people vs/ those that are blogging to make money. Of course, to be successful a blog has to resonate with readers and be useful, and/or interesting.

I launched a kids website and blog in May for parents and 2-8 year olds called and I have recently launched my mom site/blog called My primary goal is to create sites for moms/parents where they can quickly and easily find important, useful and interesting information for us time starved moms. I of course plan to make it a profitable venture through ads or sponsorships and products we offer.

So do You Blog as a Hobby and that is it, or do you blog and want to make money? Or are you already making money?

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I blog for hobby but I have been also tryg to make money - so far not too successful..How does one succeed in blogging for money? I've been trying to get a mentor to help me out - to no avail actually. I guess, my time will come. ;)
I blog just for fun. It's a good outlet for the foolishness that clutters my brain.


Should someone be interested in paying me for foolishness, I ACCEPT!
My blog (Mom in the City) is a hobby as in I don't sell advertising and such. However, I'm a parenting writer/speaker (for money), so it all ends up working together...
I blog to while away my time (as if I have too much of it! :D) but when opp comes to earn while blogging too, why not?
I'm planning to join PayperPost or anything like that, but will do that maybe after Christmas.
Interesting post. I'll bite! :) I have 2 blogs.. my most active one now is my boy store. I started blogging for my boy retail store in order to keep my customers up to date on products and such. Then because blogging turned out to be so addicting, I added a section of my site for me to post about my personal life. Neither blog site was intentionally to make money (I don't run ads or have sponsors) from the blogs themselves but were started for my businesses.. if that makes sense. If they do someday help me increase my customer and client base (my other one is a web design business) then I'm all for it but they're really just a great outlet for a somewhat lonely stay at home mom of 3 boys.. lol
My primary purpose for blogging is to document my son's developmental milestones. I started in 2007, but I didn't write that much because of lack of time. It's only now that I'm actively doing it, and I'm actually enjoying it. Aside from chronicling my son's growing up years, I also do blogging now to meet fellow bloggers, to learn from them, and to share info with them.
Oh believe me, I tried to to monetize my blog.. not happening. I do get review products sometimes, and that's always nice. I mostly blog because writing is my thing. I'm hoping that it will someday lead to paying writing gigs. A girl can dream,can't she?
I've been doing this for four years. At first it was just a hobby, then I started monetizing, mostly through Amazon affiliate and Blogher ad network. Then I started getting hired to write corporate blogs or do mommy blogs for companies. Now I'm consulting, so I work on social media projects, act as a community moderator on several sites, and teach people how to blog for their business or marketing platform if they're writers. I still have 4 blogs and monetize them with sponsorships, ad networks, etc. It's a fulltime job and I'm doing o.k., but would like to turn it into a better paying job. Still, I have the flexibility to take a morning off to be with the kids at school, etc., so it's worth the monetary tradeoff.
I started blogging just as a hobby for my hobbies. I share sewing and crafting adventures. But, now, I blog because I love it and love sharing, but also to gain exposure for my etsy shop. So they walk hand in hand. It has given me an outlet to get to know the people that I'm selling to and let them get to know me.
I blog as a hobby, for now. I just started, and I'm trying to use my blog as a point of inspiration and motivation as I work on launching a writing career. I'd certainly be open to blogging for money - just not really sure where to start. Please visit if you get a chance!
I started my blog in 2005 to help promote my then HR consulting practice and professional speaking career. I've shifted my focus to pursue my REAL life goal, which is to be a published author and paid writer. So now my blog has become my "voice" and platform from which to launch that book when it's ready. That decision made blogging easier too since I'm now more comfortable sharing personal stories as well as professional advice for my audience. So, I suppose that makes my blog a merge between hobby and money-maker. :)
I started because all my friends were bloggers and I wanted to be in the loop! I also was pregnant about to give birth and since I'm not a scrapbooker or anything- I wanted to be able to keep track of things my daughter did. I use it to keep in touch with family and friends, I use it as an outlet for creative writing, or just getting things off my chest. My blog community includes friends, people that support me, and lift me up, and it has turned into a way to make money (through reviews), and a way for me to network with others and meet new people! So- I guess the answer would be both!


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