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I am interested to find out how many moms are blogging as a Hobby or to meet other people vs/ those that are blogging to make money. Of course, to be successful a blog has to resonate with readers and be useful, and/or interesting.

I launched a kids website and blog in May for parents and 2-8 year olds called and I have recently launched my mom site/blog called My primary goal is to create sites for moms/parents where they can quickly and easily find important, useful and interesting information for us time starved moms. I of course plan to make it a profitable venture through ads or sponsorships and products we offer.

So do You Blog as a Hobby and that is it, or do you blog and want to make money? Or are you already making money?

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Right now, I'm blogging to help other young moms, sharing with them what I've learned over the past two years. But I would like to make a profit through advertising and affiliates.
I do it for a little of both. I'm an Amazon affiliate and I've made a little money through that program. However, I don't have tons of time for blogging and I only write what I'm really excited about, I try to post once a week or more, but I'm trying to keep blogging just a hobby in terms of how much time I put into it. I have an idea for a blog that would be fun to do that I could get local advertisers for (in my big picture dream) but I don't have time to start it or write it right now with three small children.. Maybe in a year or two, if I feel like it. It would be a lot of work to keep up the writing and solicit advertisers, do publicity, etc. etc. etc. I want to be careful not to overcommit myself to blogging because family comes first. I don't expect to make so much at blogging that it would be like a real part time job.

Good luck with your ventures!
I started a blog called a month ago. I have been a stay at home mom for four years and now have 3 little boys. My energy has built up and I wanted to chanel it into something fun, exciting and profitable. And blogging, if it lives up to my long-term expectations, was just what I was looking for. I wasn't eager to return to my auditing and tax career. And I was struggling with the thought of balancing work and taking care of my kids. I am still breastfeeding my 5 month old, and I breastfead two of my older kids untill about one as well. Plus daycare for three kids would cost more than I could make working. So I was looking for stay at home online work. Then I looked into writing, and to practice, started a blog. I chose the most interesting topic for myself - Boston family activities. On the wekeends you will find me dragging my kids to all the fun places, both Saturday and Sunday, and I have learned a lot about having fun with kids in Boston. Plus all the research I do for my blog, I would do anyway for myself, it even allows me to save and categorize activities and find them easier for myself. Then I learned that by drawing lots of traffic, you can make money, and now I am trying to work on that. I realized it is my dream job, and I am going to do everything I can to realize it!
I started my blog, Monkey's Momma, as a creative outlet. It is a great way to connect with other people online and I have met some really nice bloggers through my blog. That being said, if I were to start making money from it, I would not complain :)
It is a hobby and a social thing, for me!


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