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Actress Kelly Preston blames her son Jett Travolta's Kawasaki Disease on carpet cleaning solution.
This could be what caused the seizure that led to Jett's death.

Do you believe that cleaning chemicals could have done this and will this news change the way you clean?

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I clean so infrequently I'm not too worried about our exposure. I do think more research may be good.
I have been worried about cleaning chemicals for quite a while. I just don't like the idea of chemicals in general.
I don't think humans and chemicals are a good mix, no matter what anyone says to justify it.

I have an article on my blog about this.
As I don't know Kelly or Jett, nor their cleaning philosophy, I won't even begin to suppose whether there was a cause n'effect. But, I am convinced that our constant exposure to who-knows-what chemicals is starting to catch up with us. I just learned that not only does my Dad have a docs-don't-know-how-or-why disease, but three of his other 5 siblings do to. NO, I don't think it is hereditary! They each have something similar yet different. It's terribly frustrating. My parents were born in the 40's and I in the 70's. They were raised in the chemical revolution when instant foods and super cleansers/pesticides/fertilizers where the greatest inventions. I can't help but feel like I'm witnessing the horrifying results. I am currently phasing out as many ingredients and products that I can't identify let alone pronounce.
My 12 yr old son & I are both highly affected by 'phenols', so anything with smells or flavours.....you can imagine what kind of living hell that can be. Some people may only react to one or two, say, the smell of a white board marker or the smell of chlorine. Mine are more severe than my sons because obviously I am older and have had more exposure over the years to some pretty heavy duty chemicals in childhood (my dad used ammonia & cleaning chemicals in a poorly ventilated workshop that i was exposed to daily + I grew up near orchards, pesticides etc). My son can't breathe properly for instance if I take him into a 'nail salon' & he smells their nail solutions. We both have breathing difficulties and our lips swell excessively + migraines if we are exposed to pesticides (common garden or household).

To cut a long story short we have rid our house of ALL chemical agents...it is amazing how some common household ingredients like vinegar can replace some harsh & damaging chemicals (vinegar not a smell I can tolerate but fine for most) and do just as good a job, if not better.

So, I believe there may be substance to Kelly Prestons claims, however, it is not as black and white as it seems. I would hate to think tho, what might happen to my son if he was inadvertantly exposed to a toxic chemical whilst alone, and he fell down........just makes you stop and think........

I'm going to blog about the changes we've made at home and the products/home ingredients we now use if anyone is interested.......take care of your precious babies....life isn't a dress rehearsal......from Paula in aussie:-)
My dad has Parkinson's disease, and I'm a firm believe that there is a link to chemicals and neurological disorders (especially for those who are genetically predisposed to the diseases). There is proof that Agent Orange is linked to Parkinson's. Even if my personal theory is incorrect, I think it's still best to avoid chemicals. I generally clean with only baking soda or vinegar. The strongest cleaning product that I use regularly is Windex. I have a can of lysol for disinfection counters that have been touched by raw chicken. My same can has lasted for three years and is still going strong.
I try to keep my cleaning supplies as simple as possible.

When I was pregnant with Jamie, my company sent people to clean the carpets. I got very ill and even with the doors open, I felt dizzy and nauseous. I had to keep the doors to the office open and even them I had to stay outside as much as possible.
My family owned a cleaning service for over 12 years. We gave up chemical cleaners long ago, knowing that daily exposure to them would affect our health. Windex alone made my lips crack and tongue swell if I used it to wash a lot of windows. Now I only use essential oils on everything to clean and deodorize my home. They kill bacteria, molds, and make things smell great too.
I agree, how can a cleaning chemical be good if it hurts your lungs to breath it in or stings your eyes just to be near it.


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