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Being over 40 is sensational!

You learn how to pick and choose what's worth fighting for.
You learn how to pass on stuff not worth getting worked up over.
You don't always have to be concerned about how you are dressed or having to wear make up all the time.
You have a certain wisdom and confidence that is to be reckoned with.
You find that women become more supportive of one another.
You've got most of the tough stuff out of the way and you can now enjoy life.

Are you fearing turning 40?
Fear is all in your mind.
You should be looking forward to it.

ps. I've started a group for moms over 40

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OK...I don't feel sensational, but since I am your friend...and over 40 (but WAY younger than you), I'll join! LOL!
That's why I love you :)

ps. yep,,,you are sensational.
I just turned 44 this year. And now I totally relate to my mom needing a nap in the afternoon and hitting the wine while making dinner. I get it, mom, I really do!!
Yup, 43 and pregnant!
I saw that! Congratulations. I had my last child at 39 and my mother in law didn't start having kids until she was 40.
I feel like I have been losing my mind lately with this 40'thing.I know it's not suppose to be that bad but for some odd reason my hormones are fight with that number.:-)..Any suggestions on keeping calm?


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