Hey y'all, my name is Suzanne and I am looking for some new blogs/blog friends!  With raising teenagers and fighting off MS, I just lost touch.  I'm trying to get going again, jump starting my blog and getting back in touch with old friends, but I would love to meet you! A fresh perspective might be perfect.  Please leave your link so I can visit and follow along on your adventures through life:) Thanks!

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Hello, My name is Shyanna. I'm only 25 years old and I'm full time aunt that takes care of my niece and nephew . I start my blog to help mom's and aunt find good products and free samples etc. I'm very new at this and I'm not to sure how to get more followers and people to visit my page.  Here my Facebook Link  and my Webiste Brighteyes Reviews.

Hello! I would love to be blogging buddies!
My blog:

Hello! My name is Megan and I am 22. I am a mother of two (one is due in Februrary!) and I am a new blogger and looking to connect with others as well :-)

Those are my main blog connections and I look forward to reading your blog! :)

I would LOVE to have blogging friends! I just got started and it's moving pretty slowly still. I'm going to try to check all of your blogs every day. :) 

Do you also use twitter or pinterest? I'll like your fb's, too. :)

Mine are website:



and Facebook:

I've been at it for almost a month and I laid a lot of groundwork, but there's still very little content. :/ It's a marathon, not a sprint though, right? 

Is anyone interested in communicating (accountability, suggestions, etc) via a closed fb group or through twitter or some other means of group communication? 

Nice to 'meet' you all! :)


I would love to add all you on my Facebook and website . Email me at I would love yo have blogging buddies

Hello to all! I am fairly new to all this, and working to get my blog going for stay at home/work at home moms. I would love some blogging buddies! I am going to visit all your sites now. Best of luck to all! is my website my Facebook page (only up about 30 min) :) (this is mostly my genealogy blog)

Hope to get to know you all,


In building my private practice I started a fb group for only newbies for more immediate feedback, sharing, commiseration, and accountability. It has been REALLY helpful, since so many private practice resources have SO many people and they are all at such different phases, and it can be harder to relate. I would be happy to create a (closed so it doesn't show) group if you would like? The only thing is it won't let me create a group without one other member, and we would have to be 'fb friends' in order for me to add you. (Learned this the hard way.) 

Just let me know if anyone is interested! I don't use my full name for my fb (I don't want my clients to see my personal page) so if you want to be the first one, I will private message you my fb name or you can just post your name and I'll try to find and add you. After that, I'd be able to post a link here for others to join at their leisure.

I think that is a great Idea! I'm in! You can friend me Amanda Brent Grimm. Looking forward to it. I need some accountability! Especially today! One of "those" days :) 

[People who join for shameless self promotion and no genuine interaction may be removed. Sorry, folks. The interwebs are full of places for that.]

Hello! Nice to mmet you Suzanne...I am Sinziana...I am also new in blog stuff and I like to grow up...please visit my blog

Best wishes!


Hello Suzanne and everyone! My name is Meagan and I am brand new to the blogging world and would love to have some blogging friends to connect with and share our blogging journey!

Here is my info:





I read all the comments and would love to connect with everyone in the Facebook group that Candace made :)

Hello Megan! I like your website...I put it on my Follow list.



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