The back-to-school sales are already upon us. 

Have you started shopping yet for the upcoming school year or are you going to wait until school gets a little closer? 

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Amazing, it's back to school ads and displays, "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" playing softly, lol.

Our school district offers the option of back to school packets online - kits containing all the children need to start the year - supply wise.  It's brilliant for moms/dads who cannot deal with the lists and the trips to different stores to pick up items... especially when you cannot gather everything in one Target run... for example. is one we use and love it.  

For a reasonable price - you're done "shopping" by mid-June for upcoming year.  The kit is sealed and delivered to child's classroom by the first day of school.  Easy peasy.  Makes time for shopping for backpacks, clothing and accessories!

And, no, this momma will enjoy the rest of summer and not begin to look at back to school items until the week before school!  But when else would a mom of three boys shop? When they hear "back to school" they wince and moan... ZERO interest for the next five weeks... school's still out, summer is in high season, school can wait - so we will not be shopping until last possible moment, LOL! 

Good question... xo  - Sarah Kato

I was just at Target... Mom's on a Mission in the Back to School Isle!

Haha - Paige - you are WAY ahead of curve!  Good for you :)  I HATE bts shopping... it used to be fun - when I needed only crayons and markers... it has become too complicated... and complex... and obscure - wipes, hand sanitizer, paper towels, kleenex... it's lots of aisles for me...  cut backs - etc.  more falls on the parents... Enjoy your Day!  I used to love spreading out my items - and keep packing and unpacking them - in my book bag and lunchbox... remember those days of youth?


I will be shopping for my son for school very soon as this is his first year! I'm excited, but sad at the same time that my baby is growing up so fast!

We homeschool year round so I am always looking for deals on supplies! I like to wait until after school starts then the supplies are ridiculously cheap and I stock up!!

I'm done shopping for my oldest daughter and I need a fw things for my youngest daughter and my oldest 'the boy' I haven't even started.. he's easy though. Jeans and solid shirts. I can't believe he's going to be a Junior this year!!!!


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