I have a ? for you ladies, especially for the ones who have jobs outside the home.

When do you guys have time to put so much energy into your blogs( businesses)
If you have husbands and kids(possibly jobs) to look after?

Now I have all 3 and I hardly ever have time to do anything in the way of having
nice blogs or anything else with nice content like most of you guys. How do you
do it? What's your secret? Inquiring minds want to know. Any help on this matter
would be appreciated. Sorry didn't mean to write novel lol. Just curious is all.

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Aww I guess no one wants to share.
I do it very early in the morning. I get up about an hour before the kids do and that's a great time to blog/update my site.
I'm a bit obsessed right now with blogging and writing. So I can do a lot of that while the kids are at school. When they come home I grab whatever minutes I can, when they are playing outside, showering, etc.. I consider every part of my day as I go and think what would be interesting to share. When I have a little more time, I write two or three posts to have on hand for those busy days, since I like to post 6 out of 7 days a week. I have several jobs, but non are 9-5 so my whole life is a puzzle- fitting pieces in where I can.
Hope that answers your question...
Neva at
Thanks Neva I need all the ideas I can get:o)
I do it on my lunch break mostly. Sometimes if I'm really slow at work I will do it, but mostly on my lunch break during the day. At night I do it after my youngest is in bed. But my kids are 9 and 15 so I don't have to sit with them during homework.
Honestly, I don't "look after" my husband. He looks after himself and shares responsibility for the kids with me. I'm a writer and he knows that my work is important to me and, therefore, to our family. I'm home with the kids during the day and he takes them when he gets home so I can do some work in the evenings. I also sneak in some work during the day while the kids are playing or napping. We did that for a few years and have just enrolled the kids in daycare/preschool two days a week so I can be a bit more productive.

Blogging isn't right for everyone. It takes a lot more work than most people think to be basically successful and then you still probably won't make all that much. If you enjoy blogging, do it when you have the time. If you're not doing it because you love it, don't bother. It's simply not worth it.
Well, I only have the first two, but it's still crazy around here. I try to keep my laptop on the kitchen counter and write thoughts, ideas, etc into documents, and then work on my posts whenever I have a free moment. Most of my posts are written and then posted later on in the day when I can - some of my review posts will take a few days to have completely done.
I'll chime in at 11:15 p.m. to say that late at night is my best time! The house is silent, and I get a sudden burst of energy, even after being Mommy all day to 2 kids. I have short burst of time during the day too, like right after lunch when my youngest naps and my oldest has her "quiet time." But honestly, I just love writing, and so I make the time, even though it has meant cutting way back on TV and sleep!
After I put the kids to bed. I recently got a new laptop so I work on it on my lunch break. I'm a new blogger so I'm still learning. This was a great question Tee.
Hey I've been featured:0)

Thanks everyone for your post. You've been most helpful:)
Keep em coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's kinda spontaneous with me! All of a sudden I'll have this worth sharing...and I'll run in to blog it. Usually only takes 15-20 min. And I read other blogs when taking breaks while cleaning house and homeschooling. And late at light, if I can't sleep, I get ALOT accomplished!
Tuthfully I don't know. Ideally I'd post on my blog every other day. But I usually only post 2-3 times a week. But I'm okay with that. I'd like to think I make up for it with wonderful content though ;-). And I also rationalise that the posts need time to marinate in readers' minds. LOL.
I get most of my stuff done in the wee hours of the morning when I shoudl be asleep these days. Like now - it's 4:15am. I stay home with my 12 month old while trying to squeeze my writing career into the equation. My husband works from home as well. He doens't really help with the baby.....but he does look after himself (most of the time). It is best suggestion is when you have a chunk of time write 2 or 3 posts if you can. I know on wordpress you can schedule them to post whenever you'd like. If you don't have taht option on your blog you can just save it as a file & copy and paste the next day. That'll give you a sense of acocmplishment and free up a few days in your week so you don't have to think about it so much.


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