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Hi! So I just wanted to get your opinion. My DD wants to do an activity for her 12th birthday and wants to invite 12 or so kids. The activity will end up costing more than we can afford but would be super fun. Would it be wrong to ask the kids who want to participate to bring $12 to do so, and those who don't want to do it can just come for the cake and play at a second location?  We would still be paying for a chunk but at least would still be in our budget and she would still get to do what she wants. Any thoughts?

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Hmm... I think it depends on what it is. Is it to cover the cost of going to a venue?

I haven't been in that scenario and I don't know what activity you have in mind.  But I do know that if it were MY mom and she couldn't afford it, she'd tell me I'd have to cut down the invite list or pick a different activity.  

Unless the $12 bucks is in lieu of a gift or something...but even then I couldn't imagine her going along with that.  As a hostess it seems like bad form.  Is this sort of thing done in your area?

Every one around here does different things. Basically her idea is the party would be a 2 hour paddle board lesson and then to our house for cake, movies, sleepover, swimming the next day, etc.  It's like a 2 day party that kids can come and go from. 


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