Blog Content... what do YOU find most interesting/enjoyable?

I'm TRYING to brain storm on ways of making my blog better in 2009.

If you were describe YOUR "ideal" blog - one that you would be happy to read day after day - what would that blog be like? What kinds of posts would there be? Posts about motherhood related things? Posts on how to be more "green"? Posts on recipes or crafts? Posts about product and/or book reviews? Giveaways? ??????

This is YOUR opinion. There are not right or wrong answers. I'm just trying to get a feel for things people like/don't like to help me with my brain storming.

As for me I enjoy blogs that are witty, do product reviews and giveaways, tell me about some great "do good" type sites I might not otherwise know about, posts about ways I can improve myself both personally and with my business, posts about how to make a better blog. These are things I enjoy reading.

What about you?

I'm hoping to get some ideas of what people like/don't like so I can come up with my "game plan".

Thanks ladies!


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I would have to say I find unique, witty and humorous blogs to be a favorite of mine. I don't enjoy paid per posts, tons of reviews, or lots of memes. I really look for original, honest content.
Thanks Brittany. I appreciate it a log.

I don't do paid posts. I try and mix reviews in between other non-review posts. I'm looking to set aside a specific day or two to post reviews, and there things during the rest of the week.

I don't know what a meme is... so I guess I don't have to worry about that. LOL!

All my ramblings on my blog are me being honest. I try and be witty when I can. After all, I have a post with the subject line about the Infamous Pigs of the North Pole with the Five Hooves. LOL!


I enjoy posts about life in the motherhood trenches. I like to feel like I am not alone in my struggles and get ideas for handling the hard stuff. I prefer good writing, with correct grammar. I am not into giveaways or reviews. Buttons are fun.

I have a 9 year old son who has yet to be diagnosed correctly (the Pediatric Neurologist, who we didn't like from the moment we met him, says he has Aspergers where as the school psychologist says he has AD/HD). We hear now MIGHT be highly intelligent, so now we have to explore that route too.

I have a 'tween daughter (11 going on 18... ha!) so she's a challenge too (little Miss Attitude that's for sure!).

I can totally relate to those "trenches". LOL!

Thanks for the feedback.

I prefer blogs that stay mostly on content but aren't slavish about it. I don't read what I guess most people here would consider "mom blogs," all about kids and kid-related products--my blog is about my fiber hobbies, with just a bit of kids and families thrown in. Tone is very important to me--I don't want to read constant rants and whines, but I'm okay with sarcasm and don't want all sweetness and light. :-) Funny and witty is definitely the way to go. Posts that get people talking so that there's an interesting exchange in the comments are great.
Thanks for your feedback. I read all sorts of blog too, not just mom/kid related ones.

I'd like to think I write "witty" too.

I'm in the process of redesigning my blog so that people can find the content they are looking for.

Thanks so much!

Happy holidays!

This is a good question and I have found that like-minded bloggers hang around in the same blog trenches if you will. I am totally into good STORIES. Give me a good story, funny or heart-breaking, as long as its real and it has a tone that reflects the realness. I don't care about giveaways or memes or "Tag, you're it!" I haven't been blogging that long but I always go back to the storytellers. And hopefully stories with a heartfelt artistic spin. I want to feel like I know the person who is writing. And I love the potential for community. I am hoping to build a solid community of bloggers and then see what happens's all an organic journey and I don't know where I'm heading but I'm enjoying the ride!!
Thanks Lee. I agree. I like "real" posts too.

What is this memes that I keep hearing about?

Don't get me started on stories. I LOVE to write! My posts would be endless if I did that. LOL!!!!

Happy Holidays!

I like all sorts of blogs... mom blogs, craft blogs, organizing blogs, but I think that no matter what type of blog I'm reading, the writing has to be done well. Regardless of the topic, it has to keep my interest. Relevance, realistic, informative, and/or entertaining are all things that keep me coming back. I also tend to focus more on shorter posts rather than page-long posts unless the writing is extremely compelling. Sometimes a play-by-play is not as effective as to-the-point. I do, however enjoy reading memes, certain ones, that is, and giveaway or review posts in addition to my regular blogs.

I still don't get what a meme is. LOL! I have to do a 'net search and find that one out.

I read all kinds of blogs too. I never really gave much thought to the length of the post. I guess I have to go back over my posts and see what I have. I wouldn't think they were too long. They are certainly not short. I know I do have a knakc for "stretching" things out. My husband jokes that I'll send him an e-mail to ask him to pick up milk on the way home and it takes him about five minutes of reading everything else BUT that before he comes to the real reason why I e-mailed him (to get milk). LOL!!!

Thanks for your feedback!



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