Do you ever get envious of other bloggers' success?

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Not me. I think there's enough room out there for everyone to make it. It just makes me try harder. :-)
Not in a bad way. There are blogs I look up to and even aspire to be like! Gotta have dreams! ;D
I was listening to Kelly McCausey during another interview with a successful mom blogger and she specifically mentioned a listener/blogger who actually got envious of you. Now it is not uncommon that some of us will feel a tinge of jealousy but if this pent up energy is put to good use then it is beneficial. I have yet to feel jealous. So far, in spite of my lack of total dedication to my blog, yes, it requires hard work, I have been blessed enough to have "broke ground" and has established my blog enough to earn little success here and there! New bloggers should learn from the Experts not go green with envy!
Envious? No, not exactly. Anxious to get to a point like that myself someday? Yes! So I work even harder, do what I can, when I can, and I'll get there some day. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the ride and many new friends I meet along the way.
I threw a tantrum when Blogger deleted my blog accidently...6 months wasted. I get upset that people try to do blogs for money and not for their passion. Its just my perspective. For me its not a job its a love of writing and cooking and baking and sharing ideas.
I actually love learning from others' successes! I, too, believe we have to pay our dues and work HARD to get the opportunities the bigger bloggers have.
No I dont' get envious I either am happy for the person that is successful if they got their legitly or pity them if they "cheated" their way to the top. It's not worth my time and energy to be jealous of bloggers who get more page views than I or have more contests, I am happy with the track I am on, if I get 1 or 1500 visitors a day I don't care, I would rather people come to read what I have to say than come just because I am having a contest.
Haha! Great topic :-) I do, I get total blog envy! But, I'm also happy for others who do well! And I don't expect to be amazing and popular overnight (or at all even!). Some people are just sooooo good at it! LOL, blog envy is just flattery :-)

no, not really. I only started my blog in Oct and have had a TON of success on it. I spend a LOT of time on it though!! Occasionally, I will see something I would really love to review and they never contact me back, and I KNOW my friends have reviewed it...and that bothers me a little.

Also, sometimes I wonder how people get so many more entries than me for the same thing, when I know i listed mine on the same sites lol.
I get jealous when I see brand new bloggers getting a lot of the cool opportunities that I have been hustling for over the last few years. But usually when I read their writing I am humbled, and I get it. I wish I could say that I do like that other commenter who has trained herself to be happy for others' success...I definitely try that, but my best coping mechanism for jealousy is to channel that energy into making my writing better, and visiting lots of other blogs to comment, especially on the ones that don't have many comments already.
Envy? Well maybe, but admiration for certain. I was very impressed when I was invited to this site last week and saw there are over 3K members. I know first hand the work & dedication it takes to grow a website. My site Single Rose was ranked #1 on all the search engines (searching single moms, single mothers, etc) for 10 years. Currently it's slipped down to 5 or 6. But considering there's literally millions of other websites competing those spots, I'm ok with that.

I do however think there are "blog snobs" and that some people shouldn't take themselves so seriously.

And I thank you, Jennifer for responding to my messages.

Hey - that would make good fodder... Have you ever been blog snobbed? lol
I also work on training myself to be happy for others' success (it IS work sometimes), and adopting the philosophy that I'm on my own path and things will unfold for me as they're meant to...

BUT, I do admit to writing envy...I read so many wonderful blogs and often find myself wishing I could write as beautifully as the author. It's something to aspire to!


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