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I am sure I am in a place where many of you have been before, and could really use some help. 


Let me explain. I am doing the 31DBBB challenge over at the SITS Girls forum and we are up to day 17. Which means, I need at least ONE person, who has never been to my site before, answer some questions about first impressions. 


This is something I really should have done a long time ago, but really just started my blog to help get the word out about our boarding services. It has since developed into much more then that for me. Now, I share stories of everyday life, recipes, projects we take on around the ranch to improve, not only our lives, but those in the community around us. 


I really don't want to give you a lot of information at this time, because I want honesty, and I don't want you to expect too much or too little. 


If you would be interested in helping me out, just leave your comment below, and I will be in touch with you


Thank You for your time (in Advance).




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