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I'm a fairly new blogger. My blog gets a decent amount of regular traffic and I thought I was doing pretty well. Of course, I made the mistake of checking out a ranking website that gives hit count and page views for any website you select. Some of the bigger bloggers have several thousand (even 10's of thousands) of unique visitors per month, and I can not even fathom how that happens. I get that it takes time and effort, but what are the best ways to significantly increase traffic?

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I think no matter how many visitors your blog gets you will most likely enjoy having more. I think a great way to help grow your readership is to post regularly and to be interactive with your readers (i.e. continue the conversation in your comments, comment on readers blogs and chat on Twitter.)

Of course I am still working on growing my blog so I am by no means an expert!
I agree with Catherine, because while some people do giveaways to increase traffic from what I've heard most of that traffic doesn't turn into longterm readership & creates a cycle of having to do a lot of giveaways to drive traffic but losing what the person was blogging about in the first place because it becomes more about driving traffic than growing the blog.
It's a good conversation starter...I work on 4 blogs and the one related to parenting is the one I want to grow the most traffic...surprisingly the one I use to keep track of books I've read has been growing without me trying to grow it, I think it has to do with 2 weekly memes that I follow
Memes are the blog topics or blog carnivals that lots of people participate in (Aloha Friday, Top Ten Thursday, Wordless Wednesday, etc.) They are a great way to reach out and meet other bloggers.
I have had my blog for about 7 months now, and I have grown a bit. However, I would, of course love more traffic. I changed to my own domain, and lost my google ranking of 2 that I had worked so hard for. Now I am a big fat 0!! I read an article on how to grow traffic and getting on other blogs and posting like this is one of the suggestions. Get in on blog rolls, too and find sites that have blog parties, and everyone comes by to visit.
Ann Again and Again blog has a Virtual Girls Night out on Friday nights. Go here


I joined BlogCatalog, which is a very active site with blogs listed by category, and you get your own profile. One way of getting traffic is by commenting on other blogs that are similar to yours and swapping links. Also, you should submit your blog to different blog search engines, as well as regular search engines like Google. Technorati is the most recognized blog search engine. There are also sites where you can submit to multiple search engines. Check out They offer a lot of great free advice in their e-mail mailing list.

Good luck!

Think Spin also has a lot of info for people who want to grow their blogs while developing quality content.
In my experience Beth's thought on giveaways is correct. Giveaways do seem to boost traffic but it is a superficial traffic boost, since most of those visitor don't stop to read or comment on any of your other posts and therefore don't get to know you at all and usually don't come back. Giveaways can be fun but if you are looking to cultivate and earnest interest in your blog beyond free stuff I don't think giveaways are the way to go. Just my two cents.


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