Hey ladies, I was wondering what methods you used to generate traffic to your blog when you started. Please share any tips or methods you used. Appreciate in advance. Feel free to post your blog link as well if you like!

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Heyy. That is exactly what I was wondering.
Do visit me at

Running a giveaway at my blog always helps with the traffic for me.  I also love visiting other blogs and when I like a post i make sure to comment and leave my blog address.  Hope that helps

As Lalaine said visiting other blogs and leaving comments is good, basically being actively involved in the blogger community. Having a Twitter and Facebook and being involved on there are good as well. It helps to link companies you mention on Twitter. Giveaways are apparently good, although I haven;t tried this yet, but will soon. Working with companies is also good, even when you haven't been blogging for very long. Is there a parenting author you like or a company? Why not email them and ask for an interview, this is something that people might be interested in reading. Best way to think of it is, what would people be interested in reading? How do I stand out?

Hope this helps. :) Good luck x

Ooh, forgot to say, research is good as well. I think when I did it I found that weekdays at 9am or 12pm were the best times for posting blogs. This makes sense as people don't get as much blog reading time on the weekend, but log on when having a morning coffee or at lunch. I usually initially post and link to Twitter at 9am, doing another link at 12pm. I still get readers when I post at other times, but I found this info useful and tend to stick with it. 

Thank you for the advice. What is your blog link?

Some of the things I did:

  • Comment on other blogs that relate somewhat similar to mine (same type of topics).
  • Hold giveaways (if possible)
  • Sharing links to my posts in Facebook groups (that are relevant of course)
  • Pinning my posts on Pinterest, Twitter, & Facebook
  • Commenting on forum posts (such as this). But there are so many forums throughout the web. Try and find forums that match your topics and use a signature to add your link to your blog. Of course don't be spammy. You should have the desire to interact with others in the forum.

Here's a link to my blog: I just started blogging again after taking several years off. It takes work but about 15 years ago when I originally started (before facebook and all of that) I had a really large following (20,000+). I quit blogging about 5 years ago other than just sporadic here and there. Now I am basically starting all over again =( 

I will check your blog out now! Thanks for the tips!

I've been only sharing on Twitter and trying to make my posts fun to read. Slow so far but I average 30 views a day with only that

Here's my latest post. Would LOVE feedback.

I will go check out your post and yes I post my link to twitter as well

I have heard alot about doing the guest blog post. I have to get more involved with that. Thank you for the advice


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