Have you attended one?
What have you learned?
Did it make an impact on your blog?

If you haven't why do you or don't you want to attend a blogging conference?

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Not yet, but I have plans to attend Blogher! I have sponsors in the works.
I have a feeling it helps big time. I have a blogger friend who went to Blogher last year, I am guessing we get the same visits (maybe her a little more) and she made great connections with big companies. She has had bigger promotions and has had more opportunities.
As much as bloggers get a lot of pr and opportunities I think the bigger companies want a one on one in person connection.
Have not... would love to go, but wow are they pricey :-/

I'll be interested in the responses though :-)

I went to BlissDom in Nashville and it was great. I enjoyed meeting the other bloggers that I have followed -- and meeting new-to-me bloggers. I met some "big name" bloggers too and they all seem down-to-earth. Not nearly as scary as I pictured them :D

A few things I learned about me -- like I'm introverted and can only take so much crowd time; gotta watch when I eat because if I don't eat every so often, I get really cranky. I also learned that I blog because I love to write about my life and I'm ok not making money off my blog. I do blog techie work for others, and it's ok in my mind to make money off that, but I'm perfectly ok not having ads on my blog or worrying about sponsors or products to pimp.

I have no interest in going to BlogHer -- probably because just thinking of the size of it sends me into a panic attack. But I highly recommend going to something and just getting out from behind the keyboard meeting people. Face time is great. And you realize that you're not alone in what you're feeling or struggling with.
I haven't been - mostly because of the time and expense. I have a regular 9-5 and my vacation time is precious.
I would love to make it to BlogHer...I just don't know if I can justify the expense.
I was looking into the Mom 2.0 Summit in Dallas but decided it seemed very regional from the website. It also seemed like it was just an excuse to take a mini vaca and drink some cocktails...not that there's anything wrong with that. I will follow up on Blogher that his going on this week and may plan something like that for the future.
I attended 3 in the last 5 weeks. I"m tired. I learned way more than I would have ever learned sitting here digging and researching on my own. I met so many wonderful people who were able to then put me in touch with more wonderful people. I won the tickets to Social Networking Conference in Miami, then I paid my way to Blissdom 09 and then I got a partial sponsorship to Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston.

I"m thrashing around trying to get to SXSW, SOBcon and Blogher right now. I have the conference itch and it is making me want more more more. Good luck!
BlogHer 09 will be my first conference type blogging event. I can't wait to meet everyone in person!
I would love to go to BlogHer this summer but it is the same weekend as visiting weekend at my kids' sleepaway camp. Missed BlogHer last year for a similar conflict. Be sure to bring back what you learn and share with us!
I haven't yet but I signed up to go to BlogHer and I can't wait.
I haven't but would love to, but am w/ some of the others in justifying the expense. Wouldn't a virtual one be cool???
Looking forward to BlogHer this summer!!!


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