I'm curious about how other bloggers write and just how they use the computer in general. Do you blog (or use the computer) at any certain time, just when the mood strikes you? Or do you have a specific time, like when your kids are in bed or napping?

How often do you blog and why? It seems weird sometimes because you can update too often and then your readers get overwhelmed with too much at once but if you don't blog enough, then you lose followers.

Do you blog more about personal things like your life and kids or about topics, like parenting and news? Why?

Anyway, just some things I was thinking about - feel free to leave your thoughts & ideas! Thanks! :)

- Shay @ Wonderfully Chaotic

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I am online on and off throughout the day (ok mostly on). My life just allows me to be able to do that. When I am not at a computer I have my iPhone handy as well. So I blog anytime, anywhere (right now I am at the library using my laptop).

I try to post at least one thing a day on my blog, but some days I may post 10 things - you just never know. I used to read the articles about how much is too much for the readers, how little is too little, etc. - but in the end the blog is for me and I do it because I enjoy it so I quit reading a lot of those types of articles.

I blog about anything and everything. People always say you need a niche, but I don't have one. I blog about my life - my life includes being a mom, a wife, a homeschooler, an internet/computer geek, a twitterholic, reviewing products (I talk to random people in the stores about stuff all the time), cooking, family, holidays, crafts, politics - honestly it is a total mixed bag!
My best ideas come to me at night. I keep a note pad by my bed when I need to write a topic or a sentence or two. Since my children are older now...early mornings are idea. My blog is a little bit of everything about me...teens, green, entrepreneur, community involvement and my grandfather's comments on life. Drop in some time and tell me what you think.
I tend to write in the earlier morning with my coffee by my side or later in the evening relaxing. I try to comment on blogs that I read throughout the day when I have time. I usually only post 1 a day right now, I was 2 a day but I'm finishing my dissertation this semester & that's been a primary focus for me. Once it is done I will be able to refocus myself. I blog about a variety of things: me, kids, family in general (events we do), food, & media (usually related to family & motherhood). The reason is that these are things that interest me in general, are part of my life, meld what I have done academically with a more free-flowing style of blogging.
I carry a notebook with me just in case I'm away and inspiration strikes. I've also been known to "sketch" out a plan about certain things, say an event or something. I blog when I'm able, with six kids it's often difficult to schedule a certain time, but I do what I can when I can, and it seems to work :) I post every day and I often have ideas in the works in blog posts saved as drafts, not only for upcoming blog posts, but sometimes its nice to have a 'back up' in case inspiration doesn't strike you that day.

If all else fails, and "how to" blog posts in your genre are helpful and great for google searches for traffic.

Peace, love and caffeinated bliss,
Crazy Adventures in Parenting
I am fairly new to blogging (3 mths) and much of that time I've had the luxury of being home a lot. So it was easy for me to write whenever an idea struck me. I still mostly did 1 post daily, 2 at max. Now, I'm really stretched with my own business and with the kids in exams, and with a toddler who just started to walk. So these days I'm finding it more difficult to keep up with the increasing number of blogs I love, and keeping the comment love alive.

I still write at least 5 posts a week, but I've decided I need to set a firm Blog Writing Time for myself.
I usually try to write whenever the mood strikes me. I love my Blackberry for this very reason. I will usually start typing away on my blackberry, then transfer it over on my computer later, or if the post is short, I'll even post it from the Blackberry.

My blogs vary. Sometimes, I'll write about family & parenting, other times, about topics. It just depends on if a topic strikes me enough to write about it or not.
I normally write a few times a day. In the early morning; during my son's nap and at night after my husband and kids are asleep. It's difficult sometimes, but I try to fit my blogging around my other life responsibilities rather than vice versa. (Did I mention that it's HARD sometimes?!)
I try to blog atleast twice a week, sometimes more. I do it whenever the urge strikes me and if I have something to say. If I don't have anything to blog about, then I probably won't blog. I usually blog while baby is napping. If I have an idea for a blog, but baby is still awake i'll just jot it down and get around to it when I can!

I keep a notebook or two handy around the house and in the car in case an idea comes to me. I try to write my posts for the upcoming week on the weekends and then schedule them to be published. I write about anything that happens to me, motherhood, random things, entertainment story pieces, and reviews/giveaways.

I post 1x/day and my readers know to expect that from me. Posting much more than this, like you said, can get overwhelming. People read lots of blogs, so they may not even come back to your blog to read multiple posts daily.

Hope this helps!

These days I just blog when I have time. WHich I wish was more often. Sometimes I will write a few posts at a time and set them to publish at separate times so it looks like I'm there when I'm really not.
I try to blog at least every other day. My goal is to have a post every day. I also keep a notebook with me at all times just in case an idea pops in my head. I write it down right away or it will be gone. My goal is to get on more of writing schedule. I think that will help out a bit. But my blog is pretty new so I am still learning.
I tend to blog while my toddler is napping or after he goes to bed. I have 2 blogs - one devoted to teaching about saving money and one devoted to life as a Christian mom. I keep the money one mostly professional but do throw in some personal tidbits. We have baby #2 coming in just a few short months, so I guess I'll be blogging one-handed as I nurse, hopefully while my toddler naps!

The number of posts is hard. I've been streaky. I recently decided to write a bunch of posts ahead and schedule them to come out one per day so that if live happens and I get busy, at least SOMETHING gets posted. Some days are full of good deals and sales and such so I end up posting many times. That's a fine line to walk between overwhelming and underwhelming!


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