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I'm a SAHM / WAHM looking to make a few connections and a few followers. I mostly blog after the kids are in bed and I have time to think beyond who wants to eat what next or who peed on what, lol!

I also have a new business blog for my handmade items if your interested! Thank for taking the time to read this and I'm looking forward to reading your blogs!


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Hi Jenn,

What a beautiful family! I am now following your blog. You can check mine out if you'd like here:
Thank you! I'm not following you as well!
I meant NOW! Opps :)

I'm following you now too.

2 Toddlers and Me
Folowing you :0

You can find me at:

If Evolution Really Works
I'm following. Please follow me, too!

Following you. Check out mine:
So far I'm following Tesa, Nancy,Kelly and Maria. Thanks ladies!

I just launched 7 new sites :o)

My original is

I would love you to visit and follow.

They can be reached through the navigation bar depending on what you like...Personal Journal, Food & Recipes, Contests & Giveaways, Decorative Interiors, Other Stuff and Crafting & Selling.
I am following. Please follow me at
I am brand new to blogging. I'm following. Check out my blog at

Please feel free to give me any tips too. I'm just now setting it up and connecting with others.


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