Calling all mommies....need some advice about my daughter's weight

Hello there fellow mom's.
I'm requesting some advice. I am a first time mom to a 21 month old daughter.
She is very small and petite and her pediatrician tells me she needs to gain more weight.
She is 20 pounds and in the 3rd percentile for weight. So many foods out there are either outrageously unhealthy or low in calories and fat to prevent being overweight. Does anybody have any ideas for high calorie foods and healthy fats that I can feed her to help her gain weight without having to feed her junk? I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot!

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She probably needs to eat a few more bits at each meal if possible if not punch up the calories of what she does eat by
Adding cheese, cream or butter to her foods. Veggies with cheese sauce, paste with melted cheese on top, there is high calorie yogurt it's really yummy to 4% don't buy the low fat stuff for her. Good luck don't worry to much if she is healthy. My daughter has special needs and has been on a high calorie diet since she was one. She 5 now and still tiny 25 pounds.
Thank you for the advice Sherry :)
My daughter is 9 and still struggles with weight. She was born 3 months premature and weighted only 1 pound 11 ounces. We really rely on Pedisure and Boost for Kids. Not only does it help her with her weight it has vitamins and nutrients she needs as well. She has a lung disease and our pulmanologists suggested never giving her a piece of bread or a cracker without peanut butter or butter on it. We were also told by our doctor that adding chocolate to her whole milk would help too. It would be a few extra calories and still the benifits of milk. Hope this helps.
Thanks so much for the advice. I was thinking of putting her on Pediasure. I heard it has lots of vitamins in it. I will try it :) I have given her crackers with peanut butter but she only eats one and then doesn't want anymore. The doctor says she is healthy, I am just a worrywart, that's all. She is so young she depends on me for food so I decide what she eats, I just want to make sure I'm making the right decisions.
This is a great idea with the grazing tray. I have put out things for her to graze on during the day but it's usually dried cereal, crackers, I just don't know how much she's actually getting from these snacks. I thought the pediasure was good for them because of all the vitamins in it, but maybe not so much after all. I love your idea of sneaking in veggies and stuff into pancakes and muffins. That's a great idea. I did try once to puree banana in the pancakes but she noticed it and wouldn't eat it. Maybe I put in too much. Hmmm.
Thank you for the advice. The doctor says she is healthy, she's just a bit concerned. But it's a doctors job to be all about the numbers right? You gave really good advice though. Unfortunately my daughter is also a picky eater so if she doesn't want or like what I give her, she just won't eat until she gets something she likes. I just want to make sure I am doing my part to providing her the best foods for her. So when she does eat something it gives her the most benefit. Thank you for responding :)
Well, I am a vegetarian mom, so my knowledge of high calorie meaty foods is limited but I do know tofu has a lot of good, healthy fat in it and you can mix it up with anything (it absorbs the taste)

Many toddlers need a lot of dairy for brain development so whole milk, full fat yogurts, milk based smoothies (Yobaby makes some great, healthy ones) and frozen yogurt are all good in my books, plus you can sneak lots of extra fruit into all these items, it is what I do with my 1 year old.

I wish you luck and am sorry I cannot be of more help. I am sure if your daughter is happy, moving around and has energy that she is fine but I am a worry-wort mom too so i understand your fears.
Thank you for your reply Sarah :)
she does drink whole milk and I put it in cereal for her as well. I have not given her smoothies or milkshakes yet, that is next to try. I have never had tofu myself. I probably could try that for her.


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