Can you help me name my blog + bless me with your expert advice!? ;-)

Hey everyone! :) I'm Alicia & I'll give you a little run down of my "experience" & what I am trying to achieve. :-)

From the time I was itty bitty I have always had a passion for writing.  I personally believe, and although I am biased I have heard it from others as well, that I have a great writing style that will keep others coming back and keep them interested.  For years now I have considered creating a blog.  Honestly, I probably have 7 million Wordpress, Blogger, etc. accounts out there of unfinished blogs in their graveyard of blogs. 

My first topic I began aiming for was a pet blog.  I have over 10 years in the pet industry ranging from retail to grooming.  The pet industry is what I know.  But, with so many topics I could write about - a pet focused blog began making me nervous because there was SO much I could write about.  I felt like I was overwhelming myself with all the ideas and I didn't want to overwhelm others with the way my ADD writing was progressing at the time.

As a family who doesn't have much income, and two kids, paying for daycare and an extra sitter on Saturday's because both of us work full time with every Saturday included, I of course wanted to find a way where I could spend more time with my children.  I started looking into monetizing blogs.  As I said, we have a very limited income & I am on unpaid maternity leave - but, I return to work tomorrow - so I don't have the extra money to spend on domains, web hosting, graphic design, templates, etc. I have only used the free services and plan on choosing web hosting and what not once I begin working again. 

Most of the blogs I began looking at that listed they had a fairly decent income from blogging all seemed to be "general" blogs.  Mommy blogs with DIY articles, Pinterest projects, family trips, etc.  So, I thought of course this would be an awesome way to go.  After all, I am a mommy.  But, then I began thinking.  We don't really do cool crafts - none of us are real crafty lol & we don't take family trips often because of our income & neither one of my kids are old enough for school yet so I don't have any cool school projects to share. 

As much as I enjoyed sharing little tid bits about our life - I wasn't really writing anything that would "benefit" my readers.  They were just pretty much reading about how my newborn poops and how my daughter thinks she's Wonder Woman but we just don't do enough crafts and fun stuff honestly to post often enough to build an audience. I just didn't feel as if I would have enough content to offer.

So, the other night as I am changing up my blog template (because I'm a stickler) and searching Pinterest for blogging advice I start noticing the pins that have the most repins are pins that are informational, benefit readers, and are easy to read.  So, I sat down and began writing a series of blog post called "Pet Sitting 101."  These blog post are still in progress but I honestly think once I am done and I publish them they will be a hit for anyone thinking about entering the pet industry.

People love their pets and although I am not a veterinarian or a certified dog trainer - I have that experience and people really love their pets and people love furry creatures in general - for the most part ;-) - & now that I know how to organize my thoughts a wee bit better I am ready to jump into the blogging world that is JUST focused on the pet world.

I plan on my blog offering different categories such as: working in the animal industry, pet health, posting funny viral information in reference to pets and/or animals, and pet advice in general.

Now I am stuck on a name.  Of course I want something that represents clearly what I am offering readers but at the same time something that is catchy and of course something that someone isn't already using. ;-)

So, ladies, do you have an idea on what I should name my blog that is focused on the pet industry? Do you think this is a smart move?  I work full time in a grooming salon now and have a ton of local connections in the pet industry so I know once I am ready I CAN get my name out there.  Do you have any advice on how I can keep my blog organized because as you may be able to tell I have a touch of ADD and I don't want others to leave my blog also with a clinical diagnoses of ADD because of my writing. LOL

If you read all that, bravo + I look forward to hearing your expert advice soon! :D

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"http://momsvitality.comI just posted my first blog please check it out." I also just started blogging so maybe we can work together and help each other out. I always wanted to but never go around to it. now I work full time with a 7 month old and another one on the way. am I crazy or what.

I have a post on my website where i'm trying to encourage comments so I can get to know people more! Feel free to comment to start it off haha.

Yes! :) I'd love to connect. The more advice, the better. Look forward to keeping in touch and sharing advice with each other :-)


can you send a link to your vlog so I can check it out. also my email is

I'm actually in the process of revising my whole blog entirely - including changing the niche - so it isn't live yet but as soon as it is live I will send it to you. :-) My e-mail is  Feel free to contact me anytime!

that's great! well I look forward to see your blog and I def. will email you so we can exchange ideas.

my advice for you :

forget about the domain name if it overwhelms you, forget about writing a blog on a blogger platform if it makes you feel uncomfortable at the moment, forget about how to monetize your blog because that is supposed to be your last priority regardless how badly you need one.

what you should do is to work on yours 'beliefs' , write it down what stopping you, your beliefs in relation to blogging or life in general.

I can sense that you are passionate about into something, but it becomes useless if you blocked the abundance to flow to you due to your limiting beliefs hidden in your subconscious mind.

Then fixing your beliefs, start creating a content in a WordPad until it comes naturally to you, then if you feel like you are ready, then get a domain name, no ifs no buts, I recommend WordPress, free ones is no good if you are looking forward to be successful in the long run.

check out my blog as I have created a blog on how to create one, step by step process. 



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