Hi there!

I am new blogger and first time author. Check out my new blog!

I am a counselor, educator and former single mom! I want to help all moms live their best life!

Book info, videos and blog posts!

Can't wait to hear the thoughts of some of the seasoned mom bloggers. :)

Also, on Instagram and FB as Single Mom Chic!

Until next post,

xo Tonya

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Hi Tonya,
I just looked at your site and I'm very impressed.
What are your goals? Are you looking to partner with brands and write about products and services you love? Do you plan on creating income through your site?

Many bloggers think that they have to trade their soul and lie to make representing a brand work. You don't have to lie and you don't have to be misleading.

When I rebuilt my site I looked at all the places I regularly shop. All the brands I use and love. Things I would write about anyways even if there were no benefits to me. Being in a pre launch state ( that's what I would classify myself if I were you looking to gain access to your favorite brands)
Then you don't have to supply views clicks followers. Your site is viewed in content and design and you have it done well very well on a desktop and mobile device.

One thing I would add ASAP a pop up for subscribers. As soon as someone clicks on your page invite them to subscribe.

Great job / keep going I'm impressed. I'd love to help you with affiliate marketing and sponsorship your an ideal fit for it. I encourage you to keep growing keep learning Wordpress before you know it you'll be ready for bigger things and a solid knowledge in Wordpress will help you move to the other version of WP that is much more powerful.

Be proud of yourself you have done a great job.

April Ward my site is currently being expanded excuse the dust.

Thank you for the feedback April!!

I really appreciate the tip about a pop up for subscribers.

At the end of the day my goal is to help other moms (particularly single moms) live their best life! :)

However, I am interested in expanding my brand, promoting my book and partnering with established brands in the future. It is all so new to me but I am excited about the possibilities!

Let me know where I can find information on your services. I would love to learn more. 


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