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When you have a problem in your life how do you confront it?

Do you ignore it or do you confront it head on?


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It depends on what the problem is and who it is with. I usually talk it through with my sister and/or husband first and get their opinions and also pray about it.

I usually play out different resolution scenarios in my head. Unfortunately I can sit with things for too many days however, I do get to a point where I deal with the problem one-to-one.  Talk it out.

I assess the problem and try to figure out the best course of action before I jump in. I tend to over think things so this helps me make sure I have my bearings before I take it on.

I have learned to cool down if I am really upset instead of trying to fix everything right away.If it is a problem with my husband, we usually try and fix it before we go to sleep, we don't like going to bed mad at each other.  


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