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Could really use some support from the Mom's here... I am new can you help?

OK i really want to know what the big deal is with followers does it help you with higher ratings and more hits? Does it help your blog get noticed? So confused I started a blog this week, no traffic HELP how do I increase traffic,, get out there? Every site says something different, I think some of the mommy blogger sites are not very helpful, they are more concerned about PR etc. I could be wrong it has been a long night I am tired of workinng for no results.

my blog is if you would follow that would be great- though i am not sure why yet, I do know it is important

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Hey Susan,
There are many different reasons people want to have followers. If for no other reason just because people are reading what you write and it makes you feel good. It depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your blog f If it is just so you can blog for your family and friends then you would want them to follow. It's fun to follow and to have followers. I am a follower on your blog already. Just decide what you want from your blog and then go from there. If you have a business obviously the more followers the better etc. Hope that helps some.
Keep the Faith,
Followers isn't much more than reassurance that you're being read.

As for how to build traffic, start off with doing memes in your niche. I do several a week and have met many wonderful moms through them. In addition, create useful, problem-solving posts such as how to make a craft, tips on shopping, or opinionated articles and, over time, you will see your traffic (and followers) build.
hi thanks for the honest advice what are memes? don't mean to stupid thanks again
Cute don't sound stupid. We were worried about the same thing. We recently set about creating a network of moms that help moms in need out by donating gently loved clothing and sending them via the US Mail. As you can imagine, trying to build something like that requires some type of traffic - and we are TOTAL novices about all of this. Share the information you receive and maybe we'll learn together!! =) And keep up the blogging, it's fun, helps us remember the moments with our kiddos and at times, is therapy for us all! =)

((Hugs)) ~ Elizabeth
That is really a great idea!
Hi Susan! I agree with the other folks here - followers just mean that what you are writing is being read by somebody. No one wants to blog and not be read by anybody. The number of followers OR visitors to your blog depends on your intended audience. I have one blog just for family and friends, so I am not concerned with getting a high number of readers for that blog. But I also have another blog to discuss mom topics and I want to have a lot of traffic on that one. I increased traffic by telling all my mom friends about it first. Then from there I commented on blogs and just created content that people wanted to read. I like to create post titles that have keywords that people would use in a search engine. I will say that it takes time to grow readers for a blog. So don't be discouraged you'll find your niche!
Hi Susan,

Don't get hung-up on the number of followers.

Being a member of MBC is a great way to connect with fellow bloggers and they, in turn, will want to connect with you. For starters check out the MBC Groups tab at the top of this page. I'm sure you will find a great group to join. And let the group know that you would appreciate a visit to your new blog. I know they'll be happy to help.

Also, go to the MBC home page. In the upper right corner you'll see the newest members. Go to their profile page and find a link to their blogs. Go visit them! Most likely they will return the favor.

Once you have found sites that you enjoy start a "Blog Roll". That's a nice way to begin a following. It's a wonderful reminder for you to visit your favorite sites and great friendships can begin.

This is just a bit off the top of my head. (Maybe after another cup of coffee I'll come up with more ;-> )

Ann Again... and again
Hey i'm having the same problem as you. I really want the traffic, but I can't figure out what to do! Anyway I'm following your blog... whether it helps or not... I don't know!

Amy O'Neal
Hi, you have nice blog. I will add myself as follower. I am worring about the same thing. I joined Mom Blogger Club a few hours ago. Already got 2 more friends and new comment on my blog.
my blog is
I am glad that i joined.
Oh wow....I remember this feeling well....because it was only April when I gets soooo overwhelming...but you're doing a great thing by asking for help!! If you have questions about anything in particular please don't hesitate to ask me...if I don't know I will do my best to find an answer for you!
Hi Susan, you've already been given wonderful advice! I just wanted to let you know I stopped by your blog and I'm following you now :-) I love the look of your blog!
I just started blogging recently too and was wondering about the following thing too. I think the end goal is to get people who really like your blog to follow you else its just a number on the button with no body really cares what you are saying.
That being said please check out my new found blogging passion and follow if its your cup of tea. It sure would be nice to have people read what you put out there, althoughfor now I am perfectly content just purging out into the Ether LoL.

I love the colors on yoru blog and the layout. I have a lot of learning to do and I am thinking of checking out some of the mom bloggers that offer design services to get an updated look. Any refrences that any one has used?



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