I'm looking for someone that can make a Custom Link Button. Please let me know if you do and your cost!



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Hi Melissa, I found RaeAnn right here in the forum.. here's the link to the post
Here's the one she designed for my site


I gave her a very vague idea of what I was looking for.. she went on my site.. and presto.. in less than 24 hours, she created this adorable button for me!! Try her out.. she only charges 7.50 per button and I highly recommend her.
I really like Cicily's work at August Afternoon Designs. She did mine. You can find her at


I have a little bloggy biz making buttons. My business site is The Button Box. I charge $7.50 for a custom button. I can usually get you a design within 24 hours.
Thanks a bunch Rae Ann, I've got someone that made one for me already!!!


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