If so, who designed it? I want to create a thread for giving kudos and shout-outs to those who design blogs.

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Shauna at did a fabulous job on my blogger blog- Multitasking Mama. She does wordpress blogs too!
I ditto this:) I heart Shauna!
I did my own... but I'd like to think it looks professional :-)

I am, by no means, a professional, but I did design both of my blogs:

I also helped out with my friend's blog:

I have thought about hiring a professional to redesign one of my sites, but I'm afraid it would be too expensive or I wouldn't like it. :(
I designed my own blog. I am actually in the process of creating some new wallpaper, but I think I'll keep the header. I kind of love it.

I am thinking about adding a wallpaper page to The Button Box. I love me some PhotoShop, so it would give me an excuse to play around.
I won MINE!! I was so stoked! Probably my happiest bloggy win!!

She does GREAT WORK and is soo patient!!
oh poo, forgot to post my link
No, I wish I did get it professionally done but it's the money that I don't have. My site is on it's own server and it tends to be more expensive to do redesigns. I do plan to do it one day so that my site can have it's own personality.
Yes, I have new design coming out hopefully by this Sunday evening (if I nag my husband enough to code it up for me! :). I can't wait. It really cleans up my current design and tones down the colors to make it more readable.

Cicily at August Afternoon Designs did a fantastic job! She does really good work with her typography and font choices. My site with her design isn't live yet, but you can check out her other work here:
I'm just learning how to make my own backgrounds and I have had a lot of fun fixing up my blog. Go check out my Valentines background. I have had so much fun making it. I almost can't wait until Valentines Day is over so I can make do another one!
I Wish! I seem to be stricken with something that won't allow me to pay for something that I might, just might, be able to do myself. So I drew and designed my header and everything else! It gets great feedback but as soon as I move to Wordpress I will have to bite the bullet and get some help! :)
Shera from Sweet'nSimple Design did my blog (! And my hubby (graphic designer) and I worked together to design my review site.


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