Check out my latest post about my difficult toddler. I would love feedback on my blog as a whole, but also I would love thoughts and ideas on dealing with independent children. It is exhausting!

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It was a great blog. I have one that sounds like your little girl. She is almost four but thinks and acts like she's 21 LOL. I usually ignore her when she throws herself in the club. Sometimes that works and sometimes she has a bigger melt down. I figured that she is going through a phase and it will pass soon . 

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Is it possible that she has some sort of neurological disorder? She might do things like that out of frustration because she is dealing with things in the world that you don't notice. I know that I was like that when I was a little girl because I had Autism and was dealing with constant over stimulation from things that most people probably didn't even notice were there. I am not saying she does. I don't know enough about her to say, but if she does have a sensory issue, than it might help you help her better and it might help her learn to cope better. Either way, I really like how you ended your post, and that you were brave enough to post something so candid. People can be so judgmental and that is not the best way to make the world a better place in my opinion. 

Toddlers are the most energetic species that I have ever seen.

Toddler tantrums are the biggest problems I have ever encountered. Oh man, take a look at what i did to handle small kids:

By the way, your post is sweet. and do take a look at mine too!


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