Let's face it..all of us are very, very busy juggling many balls in the air. And, with social media it is so easy to stay in touch with your best friends and their lives, but do you take time to meet up with your best girlfriends? There is something to say about seeing each other face to face and catching up. 

Do you go to regular girls' nights out?


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We think getting together with friends is one of the best ways to relax. We do it whenever we can.

No, not regularly unfortunately. But when I do make time for it, I always think how I should do this more often! :)

Absolutely! At least once a month if not more. It's important for me to spend a little time away from the responsibilities of being a mom and wife, and my girls nights are so refreshing that it makes me a better mom and wife!
Yes every now and then. I think it's important to have girl talk. I'm excited for our next girls night out we have Ed Sheeran tickets! :)

I have a moms group that tries to get together every couple of months or so for dinner, but doesn't always work it. It's so nice to have those times though. I think it refreshes your spirit. :)

I do a once a month dinner with my sister-in-law.

We also do a randomly scheduled ladies drinks night whenever anyone NEEDS it and send out a scheduling email.  :)

Yes!  My friends and cousins are all mothers and we try to make time once a month to do something together.  We always plan one Mom Night Out and then we get together for one big play date.  This month I actually planned a Mom Night Out at a local paint bar.  You pay a fee online to reserve your spot and you can either bring your own bottle of wine or you can buy drinks and food there.  It's a great time to just relax and actually enjoy the company of other adults (lol)

I wish!!! We are usually all so busy, that the only times we can get together are for birthdays, etc.  I really want date nights with my husband and can rarely do that. :(

I Love Girls Night Out!

Days are fun, too, especially a really nice Saturday afternoon.

That's a good idea Jennifer!

Unfortunately no. There are a few friends that I meet up at the gym or for a run, but no regular girls night out. 


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