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Do you have 1 all encoumpassing blog or multiple blogs that are theme specific?

I'm new at blogging and started one blog that covers everything and anything. Some posts are about my family and everyday parenting stuff and some are about my writing. I don't know if combining these two things destract people from vising my blog regularly. I'm wondering how other people handle blogging their interests.

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that's what I'm thinking. I don't write a lot about my writing, but some posts cover that. I'm wondering if I should have a seperate blog about my writing. But is it a lot of work maintaining more than 1 blog?
The internet is so saturated with blogs that I feel it is essential to specialize if you want your site to grow. For this reason, last year Wired Magazine even advised everyone to "kill your blog"

Unless I personally know the person, I don't follow any blogs that talk about a person's family. Those sites seem like they would be best enjoyed by people who are near and dear. I know there are some very popular musings-about-motherhood blogs, but I am so busy raising my own family I don't have time to read them. The blogs I read regularly have a razor sharp defined purpose or area of expertise. Those blogs becomes my go-to voices for what I want to hear on that topic. There are some writers that I check in on from time to time because I think their writing is sensational and they always make me laugh or think in a way that I really enjoy, but I don't read them regularly. Like I said, I think specializing is the way to grow a website and that technique is not unique to blogging, this is common marketing advice for any business -- have a clear message about the service you provide.

All of this blather of mine is assuming that you want to grow your blog for business purposes. If all you want to do is keep an online journal about your life then none of this applies.

I have multiple websites, each with a specialty, and yes it is a heck of a lot of work. :-)
Well personally, blogging is about sharing your life expereince, no matter what it is. I do have a blog that I share about my family at times...but the purpose of the blog is share about my own journey and my spiritual journey. Often life is full of a school. We learn more about life with the people we associate ourselves with, whether it is family/friends, church, work, hobbies, etc...etc..

I have one blog at my Alumni Association. As the director I blog about reunions/homecomings or/and about the Academies the Association is representing.

I have another blog at the Muscular Dystrophy community because there are so many of us that deal with the same issues and we have a place to vent. Plus with all the advocacy, fundraisings, learning about proper treatment and care & mostly moral support, it helps to blog about it. We all have something in common.

I do have another blog that I blog occassionally at another group I run for women who have been traumatize by abuse of some sort and suffers from depression. We share things in common and we talk about it as a way to not only vent but to share what helps us cope and survive in this world of our's.

Yes there is a purpose for blogging in different areas...but one main blog is not going to hurt for a combination either. It is a way to enlighten those who may not know about a cause, or a disease, or social activity, or a hobby. I don't have a blog about my scrapbooking/scrapblog...I guess I could start one but then it would be senseless when my main blog can occassionally share it.

Everyone has their purpose and goals..perhaps like a chapter in their lives. If you have the chance to share it...then voice it, in whatever way is comfortable for you.

Just my thought....:)

Safe hugz, Dee
A Mom's Journey
I have one all encompassing blog, but have been toying with the idea of blogging about the ins and outs of being an actress. However, as most everyone knows, handling one blog is hard enough with a family, but to add in another? I might need drugs...
I've been thinking about this very same thing! Currently I have one site for everything: mom blog, non-mom writings, and I'm working on beefing up a parenting resource section. I think once I get more in my resource section, I'll probably pull it out and create a separate blog. :)
I'm thinking the same thing, sort of. I don't know that I have enough to create a whole blog on my writing and most of it so far I can attribute to family/mom stuff, which fits on my current blog.
I have multiple blogs. With all this talk of "niche blogging" I think that it has become necessary to separate your writing topics of interest into different blogs. It's very rare that I go to a blog that blogs about everything. It is also very rare that a blog can pull this off. I have only found a few blogs that encompasses a "I write about everything" feel and they actually make it work. (The one blog that comes to mind is Mom Dot.)

When people are looking for blogs to subscribe to, they are usually looking for a specific area of interest.

I have Penny Pinching Diva which is a money saving site. I talk about all things coupons, frugalness and "pinching a penny." I then have Mornings With Mom which is an extension of my nonprofit organization. It is an online magazine for Christian women. If I combined those two websites together, it would never work.

I would suggest that you at least split your one blog into two blogs.
I have two blogs ... my main one is a bit of everything. It's all jumbled together but it works for me and I seem to make it work for my readers as well. I also have a blog totally devoted to endometriosis and my hysterectomy recovery because I do like to keep that separate. I didn't want to mix my whine fest in with my regular blog so that was definitely the way to go there.
Well, color me crazy, but I have 14 blogs. One for each focus. And thanks to desktop blogging clients, it's a bit easier to manage than you might imagine, although it does take discipline. And with a 2 year old and a 4 year old running around, life can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.


Just blog about it.
what desktop blogging client do you use? Trying to understand the advantage of that over just going through my blog to update content.


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