Playing with your children is a lot of fun and if done correctly can
encourage positive behaviors. Do you play with your kids? What do you do
to encourage positive behavior in your children? I am learning new
parenting skills from a behavior specialist from UC Davis. You can find
out what I am doing to encourage my difficult four year old to behave
positively by visiting this link:
Positive Behavior Through Special Playtime with Your Kids

Cascia Talbert

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For the most part my girls are pretty well behaved but I agree that it encourages good behavior when you play with them! I love playing with my kids. And they love it too. We play hide and go seek A LOT. They also love when we switch roles and I pretend to be the baby and they are the mommies!

Of course! I am usually the mom at play dates doing cart wheels with the kids, and starting races. I never want to be the parent that is watching from the side lines.

Home Grown Families
I pretty much play everyday with her. The minute she wakes up, i give her breakfast and she just jumps on my back wants me to run 3 times back and forth before she goes back to eat. After that, we have our teaching session(where do read books, do crafts, bake, count numbers, writing and so on) I take a break where she plays house with her friends and me of course. I make sure she gets all the play time and then off too nap valley :)

It's fun to play with her, it sure brings back memory when i was still little :)
hope that helps
Of course! I love playing with the boys. We actually play "The Cleanup Game" a couple times a day. Where my 3 year old and I pick up all the toys in the floor and put everything away.
We also do puzzles, sing a lot of songs, play basket ball etc., color together in the evenings and play with the baby together. Most of my day consists of playing with the boys!

We do activities outside the home - such as group play during play dates, library open play dates, Gymboree classes, swim class...At home we do a variety of stuff--play cars, trucks, read books, kick a rubber ball, dance to music, play outside with my son's toy kitchen & food (Yes, our son has a kitchen!) the bubble mower, chalk. Go to playgrounds, etc. Our son is a very physical player. There are periods of time however, I try to let him play independently and he does fairly well.

He sometimes seems to get aggravated when playing independently that I'm not paying attention to him and throws toys, so I am trying to work on this. I'm trying to teach him to be independent since he is an only child. He does have to learn to entertain himself to some degree at times and that as much as I'd love to, I simply cannot play with him 100% of the time 24/7....especially if we want to eat a meal! :-) I struggle with this, and any advice is welcome!
Mi daughters are pretty active so they are moving a lot and I am moving with them, running, hidding and playing a lot. check out my website sockoes and my blog sockoes blogspot Thank you for sharing.
Yes I do, I am playing with my daughter a lot and we jogged every weekend.we also run together.
I am a SAHM to a 21 month old daughter and yes, we do play. One of our favorite things to do together is color and draw pictures...she's very good. We play make believe with her dolls and feed the babies and push them in the stroller. We play chase, where I hide and she runs around and I jump out and chase her. We play with bubbles, I make them she pops them. We play with her farm animals and her little people figurines. We play kickball with each other. She LOVES peekaboo and never gets tired of it. We go to the playground together and I go on the slide and the swings with her. We read together and learn our letters and numbers together. We sing and dance together while watching a sing alongs movie.
i love the mega blocks,helping my 2 yo make tall things! mt 2 girls love to play in the yard pretending they are "frustrated drivers" hmm.....we play salon together,nails too!.we also like to pretend to cook.and we love dancing w the a sahm with older 1's too,my time is spread thin but like i told my working niece,it's not how much time we have with them,it's what we do with that niece works til 6 so i know how crazy her time is but i let her know even if it' 10 to 20 mins before school or in the evening,her daughter will enjoy their play time
oh this is a good question . . . I used to play a lot with my kids, well my son when he was just one. Then even when I had just 2 babies, I still played well with my children. now, with 3 children, sadly, I am lacking in the "playing" area. I don't know what happened.


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