I write my blog with 3 other writers and today we discussed whether or not we should mention politics on our blog. I linked to a friend's political blog in my post today and I got a response from a reader about it. In her email she said, "I guess I would say that posting such blatently politically biased view points might make some of your readers feel less welcome and choose not to return because we just feel uncomfortable."

Myself and my writers decided that we should stay away from politics unless a law is directly affecting moms.

Have you written about your political views and lost readers? Do you stay away from political commentaries to keep the peace?

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I think that's probably a really good idea. Simply sticking to politics as it relates to mothers, family, and children will best fit your blog. Politics is such a volatile issue that it may drive some readers away.
I definitely agree with Jennifer. As tempting as it can be to talk about it, it's definitely something that could leave some readers uncomfortable. :)
To play devil's advocate here, I do political posts quite often - mostly related to families, children or food safety, but not always. Political topics, as well as general current events, always have been great for my traffic.Yes, they might make some readers feel uncomfortable - but they also appeal to a number of other readers. In the end, I think well-thought out, strong point of view posts are going to draw more readers than they'll drive away. For that matter, irrational rants will draw readers, but that's not the type of audience I'm interested in.

Plus political/current events posts have the advantage of driving long-tail traffic from the search engines. My most-read post right now is an opinionated piece from a news event. The top-ranked page on my site, aside from the home page, is an analysis of McCain and Obama's preschool positions written before the election.

Having said that, not all bloggers feel comfortable wading into politics, because it can be controversial and draw at-times heated discussion. And that's fine. There's room in on the Internet for everyone.

yes, I have to agree with Debra Legg. I feel politics is an important issue in our daily life. Whether someone want to hear about it or not, they have a choice. For someone like me, who is interested in politics, I am always open to new ideas. I love to hear what people wants, needs, and how together we can achieve it. For someone who is not interested in politics, they always have a choice of not reading or hearing about it. However, if things doesn't go their way, then they have no room to talk, or complaint about it. I am a Mom, and I always tell my children, if you don't want to get involve to make things right, then you just have to go with the flow....
Thank you all for your responses! I think this is an interesting topic, because there are blogs I don't read anymore after the election because I didn't appreciate their politics. On the other hand, I appreciated other blogs more because of their political stance.

@Jennifer and Miranda - I agree and that is why as a group we decided to leave politics out unless it is relevant to moms.

@Debra - that is some great info! I do try to keep up with current events. I like how you covered both sides of the preschool issue. I need to be mindful of that in the future. Its easy to be one-sided!

@Mylihn - Those are great points! I don't think my readers come by my mom blog for politics though. But I can write all about it on my personal blog.
I definitely do think that politics are an important part of our lives as mom and women, however, unless you are okay with losing some readership over it, I would avoid it. I was recently on a site where there was a post that was not blatantly about politics, but I was offended nonetheless (and I do NOT get offended easily) and I will no longer be visiting that site. :) Good luck in your decision, it is a very interesting question!
Yes I prefer to stay away !
I think it is going to depend on your readers. Are they educated, focused individuals who can appreciate politics?

I personally enjoy politics and have on occasion posted something politically based. Politics affects our lives whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. One of the biggest problems facing America today is that people - especially women - are not educating themselves prior to the elections.

If a political post was timely posted, educational versus personal opinion, and written in such a manner that it "talks to" the reader, then I think it is very important that one be included.

Again, it's all about the reader and how to approach them.
I think it's best to stay away from politcal conversations because someone might stop reading your blog just for that reason and that would be a shame. On the other hand, if it is something you are extremely passionate about and pertains to something in your life that you are dealing with, then I don't know how you coudn't blog about it. It would be like censoring yourself and the whole point of doing a blog is to make a mark and let your viewpoint be known. In general though, I feel it's best to stay away from such topics unless it's something important like I mentioned.
Hope this helps!
My blog is a current events and political blog, combined with some satire and seriousness. I say we still have free speech, and you can say whatever you want to say. You might alienate some who disagree with you, but you also might strengthen the ties you have with other readers who agree wholeheartedly with you.
The blog I'm currently working on doesn't have any political subject matter for the very reason stated by Amanda E. I don't want to turn off people who don't share my views and I don't enjoy reading other blogs that promote politics I don't agree with. I suggest we all stay away from politics unless that is what your blog was intended to discuss in the first place.
I agree! Unless it is a political blog, I think moms should stay away from politics when blogging. BUT we should not hesitate to cover political issues that directly affect parents and children, I feel that is very important and I do that a lot on my blog so that moms can stay up to date on legislation that affects them. I think issues like CSPA, public breastfeeding legislation, and the Parental Rights Amendment are important to be current on.



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