I've been blogging for a long time (since 2004) and I've seen the steady progression of products into the mom blogoshere. I write a lot of product reviews and I really enjoy doing so. But do you think there is a lot of noise going on right now as far as products and giveaways are concerned? How do you think companies will begin standing out so their product is really noticed among online moms? Or, do you think companies will continue to shower products on us en masse and hope the collective, viral buzz boosts their product lines?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. I believe companies will have to find more creative ways to get the attention of the mom blogosphere just like Wal-Mart and Disney have successfully done as opposed to sending 75 of us the same product to review. Then again, perhaps 75 product reviews is great to a company's bottom line. What do you think?

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Kristen, it may be because the blogger doesn't publish bad reviews at all and only posts the positives ones, especially if she is working with a publicist or a review network. There's been times when I've hated a product and told the PR person that I wouldn't waste my time publishing a bad review. That was fine with them. However, it's not all rainbows and unicorns either. I try to give constructive criticism in my reviews and make suggestions on improving products. Plus, you have to worry about lawsuits, too. Remember, even Oprah got sued for putting down hamburgers.
I agree with Anne-Marie. I will only publish positive reviews on my blog too.
Ooh -- I never thought about lawsuits.
Lawsuits - nothing scarier. It's just about being smart and making corrections if asked or working with the PR person/company to see if they don't mind some positive criticism. Some won't mind because they like the feedback. I even had one company make some changes on their website due to my post. Then they asked me to remove the negative points in my post once they made the corrections. I complied - why not?
While I dont think its entirely oversaturated, I do think that companies have so manny products that they produce so by passing out so much of the same products to review and giveaway they are hurting themselves. I think viral buzz is going to happen regardless but it would be nice to see new products not the same thing for every giveaway. Heck I would love to givaway/review alot of the items other bloggers are, but at the same time entering for giveaways and getting to know the companies I feel like there are other products that they could/should adviertise more thru blogs.
First, when I visit another mother's blog I go to read about her life and the joys of her experience with motherhood. I don't mind seeing a review or a giveaway here and there. But I've noticed some mommy sites filled most of their post with a review or a giveaway. I think then their site should be about review or a giveaways not being a mom. *shrug*

Second, with any market there can be over saturation. As a mom I want to trust a selected few people and learn about a product threw them...not 20 other people. Another important point for marketing. I think more companies will check to see where they're getting the best results and cut back from place they're not. But it's just my guess...who knows really since the blogosphere is such an open market.
I think it must depend on the type of blog you are doing.
I have just started to do reviews for products and companies that are providing me samples to review. I started Pure Natural DIva in part because I couldn't find a place that had the information I was looking for regarding personal care products, my intention with my site has always been to provide specific product options that people could choose that would be safer.
Interesting discussion.


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