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Hi ladies! My blog turned 2 months old today and ironically, today my Alexa Rank was made available to me. It's a horrible 19,547,199, but I know that it will improve overtime. 

I remember when several years ago it didn't cost money to use Alexa Rank, so I'm wondering how many bloggers today use Alexa Rank. I'm using it because I like to monitor myself and it's the only way that I know that I can see how my blog activities are actually helping, not hurting. It can be frustrating in the beginning months when there isn't much traffic or comments from readers, so for me, I'm looking forward to using Alexa Rank to guide me. 

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Does it cost to use Alexa now? We haven't looked at Alexa rankings in years. 

Do you use free blog counters like Google Analytics or Statcounter. Those will at least let you see your traffic so you can monitor how well your posts fare. 

I pay $9.99 a month for the basic Alexa plan. I use Google to determine my traffic, but I'm more interested in how I compare to other websites. I consider my blog my business, not just a hobby, so it's important to me to use the Alexa Rank as a way to see how I'm doing. 

Lauren what type of blogging platform are you using? I have never heard of anyone even using alexa rankings for placement or cosiderstion for contribution. Paying to be ranked is like paying to be complimented - by someone who you are not sure is going to be kind.

SEO rankings can be checked so easily. The indication that they would pay to rank is an indication that it is not a fair and unbiased view. So I imagine your ranking would increase based upon the plan you purchase. Number one indicatior that those stats are not vital to determining your growth and sucsess. Your conversions on socila media your views. clicks to links all of that is acsessible for free.

Dont take the bait.

Back in the day, say 5-6 years ago, Alexa Rank was one of the ways a website owner could see how well they stacked up against the rest of the web. It used to be free. Sometime between then and now, they created plans that go into deeper analysis of your rank. Paying for a plan with Alexa doesn't help your rank increase. Because my blog was still very young, Alexa didn't show a rank for it. I payed for a plan for 2 months and was able to put the code on my site so Alexa could find it and rank it accurately. That was before I changed my blog platform to Genesis for Wordpress. Continuing to pay for Alexa was not worth the extra information they gave me because at this stage traffic isn't enough for me to dig that deep into it. Since stopping my plan, I still have an Alexa rank that fluctuates as it should. I think he only advantage to paying was that I got a rank quicker than if Alexa had to organically find my site - maybe only a few weeks faster. I will say that since changed to Genesis framework, my rank improved dramatically. So if anyone is questioning using Genesis, I say it's worth the cost. It also makes your blog look way awesome on a tablet or mobile phone.

Smart move. I did the exact same thing over the summer and its made a huge difference. I design website components and I am biased to WP and the Genesis framework. It is easy to use offers endless options and most importantly it is the most mobile responsive framework and platform for almost everything. From a blogger to a business Wordpress (self hosted) people so often et upset that they cannot do the same on The money spent is nominal in the return you will gain. 

Do you have jet pack installed? their analytics are great. No matter what your looking to do affiliate, sponsorship , literary opportunities wordpress can propel you, and design is CLUTCH. I see so many sites that people assume look great but on a mobile device ( 81% percent of your views will be on a "mobile" device). 

Images are vital as well - bad images - bad conversion. 

I imagine you do this but be sure you fill out all of your descriptions on every post. Use key words in your summary that is what feeds into google that generates your site being pulled if that topic is searched. Images as well in your posts and library detail them with keywords and specific description you don't have to have them appear in your post but they will get included when subjects relevant to your topic are searched.

I love to help others if there is anything you ever need - PLEASE don't hesitate to reach out. I am all for sharing any knowledge I have and gaining any when it comes to monetizing your reach on not just your site but all of social media. It all works together. 

BEST OF LUCK. Happy New Year !

April Ward 

A Cupful Of Grateful 

Thanks for your input! I have jetpack, but never looked at the analytics. Will do this week. And I've been meaning to add descriptions to my photos as well as inputting keywords on posts, although all posts have a description filled out. Will work on those this week, too. Thanks!

Thanks for this info, April. Very helpful. I need to add descriptions and check my mobile settings over at Stephanie 

I didn't subscribed for monthly on Alexa, i just used the free ones, enough for me to see my rank improve daily.

It seems I am on the right track, if you want fast results, you've got to work your blog in a consistent basis, daily if possible.

oh, i must use longtail keyword to any of your blog posts titles if you want the search engine to find you.

If you really want a better tool, try SEMRush. They have a free trial too so that you can explore its all features.

if you like where its going then that's the only person that counts

Hi there, I hear you, been into the same position as you, my blog is 4 months old now, to start with my alexa rank was 14 million, up to this date I was at 2.8million approx, it gets improving because I am very consistent on my blogging stratety.

visit me

Here is how to helps your alexa rank: I have seen the success on me

1. update your blog regularly - writing a blog daily if possible.

2. guest posting

3. commenting 

4. share your blogs to all your social media sites such as twitter, fb personal and page, Pinterest, google plus

that's what I did each day and it does helps. I aim to hit 100k Alexa in two months time from now.

good luck.


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