It seems like lately a lot of bloggers are enabling comment moderation on their blogs. If you moderate your comments, what are the benefits of doing that? Does it reduce spam that much? Do you think it makes your readers write a more honest response? Are you heading off any negativity that may arise?

I don't have comment moderation on my blog but I was just wondering what the benefits are.

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I don't moderate and don't plan on it unless I start getting bombarded with spam. Let 'em fly!
That makes sense--I think I've only been spammed 3 times in the year and a half I've been blogging:)
I don't use comment moderation. If a really terrible comment is posted I always have the option to delete it anyways. I like the idea of having an open forum, I would only delete very rude or obscene comments...I don't like spam but it doesn't happen often.
I don't get spam that often either, so I have comment moderation disabled. Like Catherine said, you can just delete spam or inappropriate comments.
I get TONS of spam, so I use moderation. Of course, I'm new and don't get many comments. I just changed my setting so that if a person has one approved post, they are no longer moderated.
I do just on my blogger account just so I know when someone has left a comment and I can respond accordingly! I would have that option set for my website Planet Motherhood but the company I host with does not have this option!
I do moderate, but not to avoid spam, as I have actually not encountered any issues with that. Instead, I moderate so that I can read every single comment I get. I haven't found that it discourages comments in the least, and I like that it allows me to take the time to appreciate each comment I get.

It's really the only reason i do it.
I do have comment moderation. But only for first time commenters. And I also have an anti-spam plugin on my wordpress blog. So people have to do some math before they submit their comment. LOL
I also have a plugin that closes the option to comment after a certain amount of days. This definitely cuts back on spam as well.

I don't and I've had no problems...yet. I know a few of the single mom bloggers I follow have had to enable comment moderation recently (usually because of an ex or his girlfriend finding the blog and bombarding it with crap). I blog anonymously so that shouldn't be a problem for me but we'll see. I do have that captcha thing enabled which supposedly cuts down on spam. Personally, I don't like blogs that moderate comments because there's such a delay in comments showing up that I think it slows down the discussion. I do understand why people do it though. If I ever get to that point, I think I would look into something that allows regular commenters to skip the moderation.

And just for the record, I use Blogger and I get an e-mail every time someone comments...even without moderation...
I recently disabled it, and I haven't had any problems yet. I get an email every time someone leave a comment, so if there is something objectionable, I can take care of it immediately. Sometimes it's hard to read those visual verifications, and if I type a long comment and it doesn't "take," it gets annoying having to retype it, so I just disabled it altogether.
no and i think its annoying when people do, unless they have had blog stalkers or a problem with spam. I think comments should be seen as a free speech sort of thing.
I don't moderate. I've had very few spam comments, and those I can always delete them when I see them. I was surprised at the number of people who say they moderate just so they can respond--my blog host allows me the option of having comments emailed to me whether I moderate or not. So I still see all comments as they come and can take any action necessary (be that editing, deleting, or responding). I'd certainly hate to have a post that would have triggered a good discussion in the comments...if only the comments hadn't ended up in the penalty box waiting for a moderator. That's one thing I've noticed with moderated comments--conversation can slow down, or several people just end up repeating each other because the blogger hasn't been clearing moderated comments in a timely manner (which, for a real discussion, would be every minute or so, and that's really not possible) and readers don't realize what they're saying has already been said. Then it turns into a useless loop of people pointing out that the point has already been made, and eventually people are discussing how comments are made instead of their substance, or the substance of the post.


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