Twitter and Facebook allows people to have a voice.

Do you ever use Twitter and Facebook as your soapbox? Or, do you simply use Twitter and Facebook to share about your life? Or, is it a mix of both? 


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This is a great question because I see it all of the time. I try really hard not to. One of the things I was sure to include in my very first blog post ( was that

I use Facebook to share not rant.  I find that Twitter is better for rants because you only have a few words and if used correctly you can keep yourself out of trouble but get your thoughts out.

I don't and it really bothers me when I see certain people complaining all the time, especially about their kids to the world.

I rarely post my rants on social media, unless it's something that really needs to be said. I tend to shy away from negativity, and that includes people who complain about every little thing as well.

I mostly use Facebook to share about my life and Twitter for a mixture of blog and life.

I use Twitter and Facebook more to share about my life.  With family and friends all over the place, I find it's a great way to keep in touch.  Yesterday I was guilty of using it as a soapbox....venting.  Then I deleted that post.

I try to keep Twitter and Facebook to useful information and asking others for help. And of course pictures galore!

Both! I share about my life, my heart, my feelings... anything really. I try to speak in a way that doesn't make others feel alienated... really that is all about tone though :)

I don't tend to use either platform as a soapbox and choose to use Twitter and Facebook to share about my life or share things that are interesting or important to me.

I use them for a mix of both.

I guess I do a little of both. I recently changed how I use Facebook though. I no longer post images and statements about my kids without their permission first. My son especially is getting to that age that he is very self aware and gets embarrassed about things I say. I totally respect that and so my content on Facebook has changed, which has led to a drop in how often I post a status update. These days I tend to post my runs through my Nike+ app and network with community groups. That isn't to say I don't post about my kids, I am a SAHM after all. My everyday life revolves around them. Every so often though I will post about a cause that is important to me. Most recently it has been awareness regarding food allergies. I have a daughter who is severely anaphylactic to peanuts and tree nuts. When I run into a situation or a parent that just doesn't "get it," or bullies, and I am feeling particularly angry, sad, or frustrated about it all, I post an article or a statement in order to educate. Though, I try not to do this very often. Overall it is just little snippets of my life that I share with family and friends or discussions in the various groups I am a member of on Facebook. 


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