Effective Tips for Moms to Set Up An Ergonomic Home Office

Hi Everyone!

Mayhap many moms here were working remotely before the coronavirus pandemic and had a proper office, but still many of them are working from home after this pandemic. It is challenging to deal with kids who are not going to school all day and managing your office work at home as well. Like other mothers and working ladies are also suffered due to headache, back pain and orthopaedic problems, but finally, I successfully set up an ergonomic home office. In this thread, I am sharing some useful tips with fellow mothers to set up an ergonomic home office.

First of all, you need to determine what kind of work you do. Like if you do a writing job, then you need to type all day, or if you are a graphic designer, then you have much work with mouse and other stuff. In this regard, you must be aware of what kind of office equipment or furniture you would really need.

In the same token, you shouldn't ignore the 4 following areas to avoid back injuries, headache and other issues.

Head & Neck: To take better care of your head and neck, you should keep your neck and head in a vertical position. If you are using a kitchen or any other table, then don't forget to use the laptop riser. According to experts, mounting your laptop on laptop riser, use of external mouse and keyboard gives enough support to improve your posture and also make it easy to work for long hours.

Hand & Wrist: According to different studies, usually computer workers in the United States complaint about wrist pain. It typically happens due to poor ergonomic issues and due to long working hours without any break. To avoid such problems, your arm should be straight and better to place your mouse away from your arm on the table. The posture positions of hand, wrist and arm also should be neutral. 

Back Support & Sitting Posture: Sitting posture matters a lot either you are suffering because of upper or lower back problems. It sounds good if you sit at 90 degrees, but you can also go with little lean position like car drivers etc. Better to use ergonomic chairs like this to improve your posture while working. You can use any cushion for lower back support. 

Working Approach: You also need to change your working methods. It is better to work for 20 minutes consistently and then take a break of 5 minutes. Standing desks are also getting popular among freelance worker, and you can also consider them.

On the other hand, don't forget about the availability of an appropriate presence of light in the room or place where you are planning to set up your home office. Better to get the benefit of natural light. 

Hopefully, with these tips, you would set up your ergonomic home office in a better manner. If you have more tips, then you are welcomed to share with us.

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