It goes like this:


You visited a friend’s blog today, or maybe some blog whose blogger you just “met”.  And you happened to love that blog.  Why not share it to blog lovers like you and me?  Like the blog lover blogger members at Momma’s Lounge?  What a tongue-twister :=).


Wouldn’t you love it when you blog something original, something so you, something so nice and someone happened to love it and share it?  This is where our new feature sets in, where you can share with us someone’s blog post you happened to enjoy reading, or which happened to inspire you.  Doing this will make someone’s day brighter – as if you did something like… Pay-It-Forward.


To start, please click this link:


Then tell the author of that blog (if you like to) about how her/his blog inspired you, and it is now shared at Momma’s Lounge.


I have already started to “favorite” someone’s blog post, which is now posted at


Please note that you need to be logged in or registered to participate.


Keep meeting new bloggy friends. 

Thanks and have a great day!

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