Ugghh! Hot Flashes and Night Sweats! As a woman in the throes of menopause I absolutely hate the resulting body changes happening. First I overheat and start sweating and then right after I get chills. Of course all this happens at the most inappropriate times. While among company or out to an event. Leaving me dripping with little of my makeup still on along with limp hair; looking more like a wet dog instead of me.

And then there is the night sweats! Waking up and flipping off the covers because I'm too hot, then putting them back in place when I cool down. It's no wonder that women who suffer from night sweats get very little sleep. The most horrible aspect is that this condition can go on for years. It's no wonder that Freud and others thought women were crazy who achieved the age of menopause. Wouldn't you be a bit irritable too if you were going through these changes?

Yes, you can go to your doctor and get hormone replacements, but I chose to go the more natural approach if I can and now I've found a wonderful natural supplement to eliminate these awful symptoms. Femestra!

Femestra is an all natural menopause supplement made from Rice Bran Oil and Gamma Oryzanol and is the only naturally supplement clinically proven to alleviate Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Loss of Sex Drive and other common symptoms associated with menopause and peri-menopause. Thousands of women have found that using Femestra greatly reduces these symptoms and gives them back their lives so they can get through their days and nights once again.

The Rice Bran found in Femestra comes from a specific region in Japan know for the highest potency available and 90% of the women who've tried Femestra have found it to reduce or eliminate their symptoms.  I love that it's all natural menopause relief because for me that's most important.  I don't want to put anymore chemicals into my body if I can help it.   I've found that taking the Femestra capsules are easy enough and it has reduced my symptoms so that's a great thing! 

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