I have no idea what I am doing!  I've been blogging for a few years, but I really have no idea how to take it to the next level.

I am challenged when it come to technology! 

Anyways, I transformed my home from chaos to clean through organization and now I love sharing tips, tricks and ideas that have helped me stay organized for good!!

My blog is ClutterBug Please check it out!!

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Hi Cassandra! Welcome here to the moms club:) you have a great blog and with really interesting posts. Would definitely come back to read more of it. I am following you on google plus and Facebook. Here's my blog at and Facebook at would be great if you could follow back too. Thanks:)

Welcome to the club! I am trying to check out your blog but for some reason I am having a hard time accessing it. I will try again later. I did see your Facebook though and I really liked it. Following you on there, Pinterest and G+.

You can find me at  and Facebook

Hey Welcome! Im new as well. Been a member for about two weeks and already I'm a top 20 member lol! I'm going to follow your blog and hopefully we can connect or do a guest blog later. My blog is ! Good luck and nice blog!


Hello. I am pulling up your blog as I type. I have always loved writing but just got into blogging this past month. I can relate as far as being technologically challenged. I have used computers since I was in elementary school but I am far from the most competent person with new technology. I can type quick thankfully though. :) That certainly comes in handy when you're trying to type something before your child has a meltdown. Your site came up as being suspected of having malware unfortunately, so my browser will not allow me to open it. :( I'd love to check it out once the issue is resolved though. If you wouldn't mind checking out mine I would greatly appreciate it.



Same for me. Just started my new blog and now I would love to drive traffic to it and go from there.

Would love to know how other bloggers make it to get good traffic.

Bluest gave me coupon codes to use for google adwords and bing ads. Once those run out I'm done doing that though. The whole ad thing is too confusing me to be honest. I'd rather find other ways to drive traffic. I've done a few giveaways through but unfortunately a lot of people have fake twitter accounts just to try and win things so that is a lot of what I got from those. I've been looking for other giveaways that require a bit more interaction from those who enter but the sites that do them always charge a monthly fee from what I can tell. If I come across any great ways to get traffic I will surely let you know! :)

Hey Cassandra! I'm new to the blogging community too. I'm a SAHM and started blogging to share my daily chronicles, favorite products and activities, and more! I'll definitely check out and like your blog. Hope you can do the same for mine. It's and

Good luck to us in this new endeavor!

Hi Cassandra! Welcome!

I checked out your site and OMG! You rock girl! You are incredibly gifted at what you do and have so many helpful ideas! What have you done so far with your site?

Here are some ideas for you.

If you have a local Home Depot or a store similar, see if you can put on workshops (using their supplies) and help others with how to organize and remove clutter. Not only will the workshop be fun for you and those you invite, but you'll be able to network and promote what you do (hopefully you offer your services as a home organizer ;). You'll also be promoting products from the store which is a win-win.

Also, a craft store, like Michaels (or equivalent), a bead store (helping those who sew, seamstresses etc.) ... show them how to stay organized offering workshops to customers once again.

Your local college would probably be open to it as well.

I see you have things for school on your site too. Why not help out teachers and give them school prep and lesson plan ideas with supplies they commonly use in their classroom.

I have so many ideas for your business it's crazy!

Do you sell a digital product? I didn't see any on your site (but I may have missed it).

You could really do a lot with what you have already. Let me know where you're stumbling. Just message me here.

What exactly are you struggling with? You've got some great stuff and you're really putting yourself out there already. Good stuff!

How much time you have available does play a factor I know. I see you're a mom. But you can leverage so much of what you do without working yourself to the bone.

I've worked online for a number of years now, through failures and successes. I'd be happy to give you any pointers. 


I checked out your blog and I like your tips. Here are my links to follow me:



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