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Following Party!! join the discussion and we all follow each other

Hey Everyone!


I just joined MBC and am loving it so far! I would love to get more readers to my blog and get some input. My blog is called "and here's to you, Mrs. Robinson" at I would love for you all to check it out! 


Also, stay tuned for July because there are some exciting things in store! I partnered with a couple of people to give you a month full of giveaways!! So please stop by my blog and check it out. And leave your own blog address too so I can follow back :)



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Hey Nicole! Such a great blog!! so glad you posted it :) new follower!

Nicole Wolfrath said:

I love your page and am following.  I've just gotten started blogging this past September.  My blog is called "Why Parenthood Sucks...Sometimes" at  Its more about the daily challenges than anything else.  Hope you can follow me!

Hey Candi! Love your blog! new follower :)

Candi Russell said:

My blog is on parenting and now pregnancy as well at

Looking forward to following back.

Such a great blog!! love your writing! new follower! :)

MD Harness said:

Hi there, I am new to MBC and checking out your blog.  I would be honored if you would check out my new blog at  Thanks so much, have a blessed and happy NEW YEAR!

Thank you so much, Brandi! Following back. love love love your blog :)

Brandi Berry-Fulton said:

I followed!!! 


Great blog!! exciting for you to get started more :) new follower! :)

Erika West said:

Hi Megan! I am following you now and love your blog.  I am just getting mine up and going so not a lot there but I have a lot of things in mind to add to it.

Excited for your new blog!! Following back :)

Mignette Strife said:

Hi Megan I followed you! I am new to blogging and in need of followers, I am at






Liked your blog very much, Liked your FB page as well Plz like mine as well




Really loved your blog. Liked your FB page. Plz like mine as well



Erika Senneff said:

I can't wait to go through this list and follow a bunch of great blogs!
My blog can be found at I'd love to "meet" you guys!

Thank you so much, Bella!! I liked your FB page as well! And liked our blog! Thanks for following :)


Bella Johns said:


Liked your blog very much, Liked your FB page as well Plz like mine as well




liked your site and FB page. Found it very interesting. Plz like my FB page as well.



Megan Camille Robinson said:

Hey Jenna! Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I added you to my reader as well. LOVE your blog!!! :)

Jenna Q said:

Cute blog! Love the great outfits - fun, fun! Added you to my reader...

Here's my blog: Delighting In Today I'd love for you to stop by!


Found the site very interesting. Liked your Fb page. plz like mine

Roodlyne said:

Nice blog Megan ;)
Off to follow everyone else. Happy Blogging!
oh.. stop for a visit at

Hey Everyone! 

I'm having a HUGE giveaway right now on my blog where you can win one of 21 prizes!! There will be a winner for each prize so that's 21 winners! Only one day left to enter :)


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