Does anyone have any ideas on how to get started with freelancing? I am thinking I want to go the magazine route but truthfully, will pursue anywhere...I have no idea what I am doing or even where to begin so any advice or resources would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I've freelanced for years. I recommend and textbroker. will give you the chance to get your feet wet...elance can land you huge projects that pay very well.
Hi Natalie. I'm new to the Freelancing world too. I would highly recommend the book Writer Mama by Christina Katz. It's a great step-by-step guide on how to get started in Freelancing, and gives some great tips on how to balance writing with home life. I originally checked the book out from the library and read it, but ended up buying a copy to keep because it is such a great reference.
I've been bumbling my way through freelance writing for the past couple of years, Natalie. I felt as you do, it's so hard because there isn't a specific class you can sign up for, and there's nobody in the "office" to train you. But I've discovered so much helpful information out there. I'll highly recommend two books you should read to help you get started.

The first is "Writer Mama," by Christina Katz. I actually just read it, but I wish I would have found it when I first started freelancing. This book will lead you through the steps necessary to get into magazine writing.

The second book is "The Well-Fed Writer" by Peter Bowerman. He covers the commercial writing end of freelancing. Both books are super easy to understand and will get you started.

Best of luck to you!
How is your book coming along? Mine is on hiatus!

Also, we need to make sure we meet at BlogHer. Where will you be staying? I will be with a friend, which I hope does not pose to be too difficult.
Holly--I just bought "Writer Mama" last week! I just ran across it in the book store and thought it sounded interesting! Glad I picked it up and now will search and see if The Well-Fed Writer is available for my Kindle ;)
Thank you SO much to each of you! How very funny is this - I purchased Writer Mama two years ago and was ready to read it and get going then found out I was pregnant with my third. We are done now so no chance of that happening again so I'm ready to roll! :) I will dig it out and revisit. I'll also check out The Well Fed Writer. Thanks for the websites, Irish.

I appreciate your feedback and help!
Hey! Thanks for the great tips :)
I was about to post my own discussion asking for freelancing tips and thought I'd see if someone else had the same question. So glad I found this discussion! I know it was written a couple of months ago, but I'm going to follow all of your advice. Thanks everyone!

Natalie, you're probably well on your way by now - but I've just seen your post. When I was freelancing, many years ago in Australia (I have no idea whether times have changed or not) - the most important thing for me was what I wrote, was valid and had a realistic ring. However, I was a humorous and satirical writer. So I feel the topics were easier.

My approach then, was to write and submit. But times have changed so much. If I were freelancing today, I'd first make a list of all the magazines out there. Then find out who the editors are. Then find out the type of stories they're really interested in. Is it human interest? Gossip? Do they run stories on fashion etc. The list is endless.

But continue writing. Don't give up. Because if you're good - I believe you'll break the barrier. And it's a fantastic feeling when you do get published. I even wrote once, as a ghost writer, for a disc jocky on the radio - doing his 'one liners' which were satirical comments I'd write from news headlines. I'd write about anything and everything - and it was always funny and people bought my articles. So just keep on going. Never give up believing in yourself. Ignore rejects - they're only subjective opinions. And always remember, think of your rejected story as the "Fish who got away". They should have accepted it - but they dropped the line! regards, good luck, Jacqui
Hi! I just wanted to say that I first started by publishing a church newsletter with newsy articles about our community, then went on to blogging, and then to oDesk to freelance. At first I took low paying, boring jobs just to build up my reputation and feedback. But I gave it my best and now I have steady work at good pay from my oDesk clients doing article, ebook, newsletter and blog writing, as well as editing jobs. You can do this at Guru, eLance and other places as well. Sometimes you just have to take the less than wonderful jobs at first but if you hang in there and do a good job, better stuff will come your way. I only started on oDesk end of last summer and now it is my primary job and I can work as much or as little as I want to from my own home. Good luck with your free lancing endeavors!
Hello Natalie,

Check out the following sites for freelance: and Suite 101.

The Examiner has a referral program, which helps, so don't forget to mention me in your application.

Best, Jillian
I recently got down to trying freelance jobs at places like here is my question...I read in there that its always better to post a bid higher than the budget posted. While I get their point on showing that our service is worth the money..wouldn't that be hurting our bid? I mean a budget means that is the most he can spend on the project... what are we saying by posting a higher amount?

does anyone know how that works?? I would really like to get some contract on these freelance sites so I could get started... any tips for the newbie would be great :)


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