Hey everyone, let's begin this year in the right direction with new followers and activity for 2019.  Let's introduce ourselves and maybe find one of our new favorite bloggers this year.

I have started my own brand new blog at the end of 2018, so please take a moment to check it out.  Post a link to yours as well and I will take a moment to check it out as well.


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Good afternoon.  I just liked your page on Facebook.  The Teriyaki recipe looks delicious and I may have to try it sometime.

My name is Gabrielle, mother of two, self-published author, and insurance agent. I am looking for new blogs to follow. My blog is call The Gift of Gabz. I am a millennial mom writing about my daily journey and lessons. I love to cook and often talk about my recipes I share with my kids.

The Gift of Gabz Blog



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